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Spanish Speakers Come Here
Written portuguese is very easy to understand, even if we don't understand some words at first we will get them by the context
Hating on Greta
if by that you meant he is not a grow up men, then insecure younger guy is what applies to him. Tho this guy is just an extreme right guy with good speaking skills but obviously manipulating words/sit...
Hating on Greta
Exactly, tho it's sad that scientists are actually being ignored like that. Tho, we live in a dumb world with all those anti-science movements and pro pseudo-science movements
Hating on Greta
0% reading skills
Hating on Greta
Also, a lot of grown up men and insecure younger guys don't like seeing a little girl facing them like that, so they start insulting. Insecure men do be like that
LaZe vs XCN
nadal garros
What an athlete to be proud of as a spaniard, also such a good person outside of the tennis court
europe has fallen?
+1, what a great sentence to describe all this anti-EU people falling for populisms
europe has fallen?
Yeah, because separated we are as strong as China, US or Russia haha
europe has fallen?
I remind you that first half of last century was devastating and ruined for Europe thanks to nationalisms, populisms and extremisms (mostly far-right a.k.a Hitler, Mussolini etc also Stalin). European...
Liverpool shit fans
lol so true
theon greyjoy
RIP my brother Jorah, saddest death of the episode
L0wel LOL
For real, I hope this is a bait. He is just having fun on a game he knows he will most surely lose and magisk will not take offense in that