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Countries you like to visit
Thank you for the recommendation, I am aware of most of those. And yeah, Prague is certainly a place I want to visit as soon as possible!
Countries you like to visit
Czech Republic, Poland, Finland and Iceland
Damn, this really gave me the motivation to become an apple
Will ad-blocking become illegal?
My gf is pregnant since she read your comment
Most popular people from your country?
Picasso Dalí Cervantes Rafa Nadal Javier Bardem Pau and Marc Gasol Iniesta Xavi Hernández Julio and Enrique Iglesias Penélope Cruz Ortega y Gasset Marc Márquez Amancio Ortega
I rate your country
I'm going there every summer and tbh, it's very crowded. Mostly in August because there are lots of events going on that are actually very fun and a really nice experience. So no disrespect to emCee, ...
is it racist ?
-1. There u go, now you cannot say that everybody said that.
Spanish class
Well, it just sounds like it's just a matter of lack of practice. Not saying that you didn't practice, but that you just need more practice and you will get it. Seems like you already overcame the big...
Spanish class
For pronunctiation, the first thing you need to do is forgetting about how things are pronounced in english and focus on the spanish way. From my experience listening to people, the biggest problem to...
You didn't kickstart our civilization, I remind you that much before you came, Romans came and actually kickstarted our civilization. If you had come earlier, the "Reconquista"" would have been the ot...
You wish Spain was a 3rd World Country haha. Franco died 43 years ago. We since then have been developping so fast, we are actually the top 13 country by GDP and top 29 by GDP per capita, just after S...
You sound very resentful :) I can even feel the jealousy from here :)) it's ok tho, I can understand that it's frustrating to see how you have had a great beginning by conquering part of the peninsula...
Argentina or Spain won't win World Cup
I remember him having Spain's citizenship which makes him equally spanish than me. Also, our best player at moment is Isco lol