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Yea it's gone.
We saw it in Germany due to the lunar eclipse. Sun, earth, moon and mars were in one line 2 months ago. You didn't know? Mars was a red dot every night over 2 weeks and clearly visible.
Hltv is dumb
Nah not really. Cold > Rainy > Hot Rain is fucked up (not referring to the player "rain")! :D
r8 polish girl
I don't put that in the nationality way. Stupidity has no nationality. xD My best friend is from Poland so I know how ppl from Poland are. I don't care about nationality, religion or whatever. But I'...
Plus FaZe don't need Snax. That's the most important detail.
best manga
= no manga
Haha G2... G doesnt stand for "Germany". :D
Emilia Hult
Snax :(
He meant "you can't live in the past". He probably didn't realize that he used the wrong word or he realized and started trolling instead to admit. xD
Female porn stars earn way more than male. #feelsbadman :P
feminist soyboy kicks pro-life woman
feminist soyboy kicks pro-life woman
Yes, because it has more organs and it evolved. It's not a good feeling even in the early days of the pregnancy. But imagine being raped and a woman doesn't take the morning-after pill and you will ha...
feminist soyboy kicks pro-life woman
There are many differences. It doesn't really have something to do with the look but with the developed functions. Check this out:
feminist soyboy kicks pro-life woman
I think he is talking about the early days of an embryo. No one said that it's a fetus nor an unborn baby and definitely not a "child". There are no unborn children! LOL. So if you "kill children" you...