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dont like beer
You re probably pretty young. I didn't like beer when I was young either. Couldnt understand why ppl drink it. But today, I drink it because it's tasty. Corona is my favorite beer. But there are some ...
IGL for Na'Vi
+felps, WHAT NOW?
Space Soldiers. :P
2000dpi 1.45 (400dpi - 7.25)
400 / 1.49
ninja's setup is crazy
+1 7 Twitch/YouTube and 3 Sponsors.
Awakening of EU
Hitler's dumbest (and for the world obviously luckiest) step was to declare war on Russia. Hitler thought that he was almighty but it was not the right time to declare war on Russia. He wasn't fully d...
trustfactor and prime are working now together.
You know that you don't get less cheaters if your account doesnt effect the MM experience?
Nope, u re wrong my fella. many gamekey stores offered CSGO for less than 5 EUR. I didnt play too much with a friend's account who started CSGO and he was lvl 21 in two weeks or so. It was very easy ...
But they payed only 2-3 EUR for the game and had to lvl up to 21. for a hacker it's done in a week. Now, they have to pay more for prime and VAC with deep learning is getting better and better. means...
Apple omegalul
Friend of mine has the OP 6T and he said that not only the camera is better. However, the OP 6T is a damn nice phone for its price. In that price category, unbeatable.
Apple omegalul
It's just the only excuse/argument iSheeps have to distract from an overpriced phone and not even realizing that they're spending bunch of papers on an overpriced phone which also makes them quite del...
Apple omegalul
If you want a really nice and good "iPhone", which destroys the upcoming iPhone, buy Google Pixel 2 XL. If you want to destroy the next 3 iPhone generations, buy the Pixel 3 XL. If you want to go over...