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Sprout vs eXtatus
Not sure why you fake our Fanpage :).
zowie za13
Check out ;)
About new Vexed Gaming
The debt has to be paid by the Company. A company cannot be closed (if thats what you think ) when it has debts open. It can only fill out a document to go bankrupt. If the company has been sold to so...
OVERWATCH boring ?
Well it really requires alot of thinking and overseeing which Hero to use to outplay the enemys. But yeah the game is really really fun.
OVERWATCH boring ?
And another one who has no clue about the game.
OVERWATCH boring ?
You obviously played it wrong if you think like that. It requires way more tactics than CS:GO. And Reinhardt? It's easy as fuck to take him down if you know how to. So everything you said is basically...
Faceit cheaters
Yep. Funny fact is, I was an faceit admin aswell not so long ago, and I know that we/they cannot do shit againts them lol.
Faceit cheaters
He was in tahsiN's match yesterday, we reported that dude - faceit admins answerd : use thumbs down button " lmao Retweet this if you can to raise attention :
Epsilon Hype vs GODSENT Academy
Yes, he is
mafia 3 ?
Red Dead Redemption was so fucking nice man, I enjoyed the game so much, I prayed for the story to never end to continue playing lol.
GODSENT Academy vs iNation
Leggo !
His smurf
GODSENT Academy vs eSuba
EZ for topmodel Ericip
GODSENT Academy vs XPC
ez for my friend eric :p
AGG vs Team123
peet could not play due to some health issues, he been in Hospital. We have to play with a standin in the open qualifiers. peet will be back if we qualify for the Closed Qualifier :)