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Hi! Nothing to sya, really..
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Other than that, Poland is the best country out of those ones for Erasmus, but is known for some racism.
Coimbra, Portugal. HMU when you arrive.
-maikelele +Niko or RUBINO ?
I'd prefer aizy leaving instead of fox. Fox has been consistent with the awp and aizy has been rather underwhelming since he arrived at the team. Either way, you're right, that would be a beast of a t...
-fox + ?
I bought 2 brazilians for 100$ each AMA
Their kidneys alone would make thousands of dollars, so it's impssible to buy them for 100$ each.
TOP 5 AWPS ( no bias )
+1 After one more good tournament from hen1 he'll surely deserve a top 5 spot over ska on his current form but for now this is the best top 5.
Why do all favelas...
Well fortunately enough for me, I've been able to visit your country and what you call houses aren't really much better than holes. That and the state of your education that also keeps on sinking. No ...
Why do all favelas...
You surely wouldn't sound like that, you'd sound much worse. Go hide in your fucking hole you british faggot.
Top 10 right now
>open thread >see brazil flag >close thread
i bet on vp AMA
What was your reasoning behind betting on vp? Was it only pride on your country and your team, or did you really think they'd win? There's a reason why they're called Virtus Throw you know. They alway...
FaZe vs Astralis
I see your point but faze always struggles vs astralis
The problem with comparing him to other awpers is that FaZe never seems to have a fixed awper. It always bounces between him and maike. If I'd have to rank him, I'd say he'd be probably just outside t...
He has had very bad performances, no doubt about it, but he's also proven he's a better player at lan than online, especially with his performace on the major vs nV. For me, he's already showed he can...
As a fox fan, fox fans really annoy me xD I understand the hate on fox, he's not a great player (let's be honest here) and the fans are so bitchy about it when hltv hate on him, thus making him an ha...