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Islam/Christianity/Judaism AMA
ye but its basically like saying i was murdering people all my life but that doesnt mean i wont pet a kitty and plant a tree at the end of my days. anyway gl im not a hater.
Islam/Christianity/Judaism AMA
u re just proving my point. see if they pretty much did the same 1700-2300 years ago this just means we lost about 1.5k years cause some trolls involved human kind into suppression fear of death by b...
Islam/Christianity/Judaism AMA
like noone molests animals and pretends to be napoleon today. (also noone rapes children, explodes civilians or cuts heads atm) dude was talking about human development and almost every basic scie...
Islam/Christianity/Judaism AMA
lol u re retarded one. ancient rome had everything: laws, rules, political system, municipal corporation, plumbing; they even had adoption system for orphans long time before invention of fucking abra...
C9 5th player.
answer to a bait with bait. smart.
Top5 players csgo in your country
thought batistuta is argentinian
Top5 players csgo in your country
I'd love to see irish team on a tournament with the players shouting "IRA IRA" every time they plant the bomb.
to all my Ukrainians
imo football hooligans are retarded monkeys everywhere, but in ukraine its different story, ill just leave it here
joshog top kek
killed by a bot
omg hilarious (not)
Waylander in finnish army
u cant get it ahmed..
4 Famous people from your country
4 Famous people from your country
what shall i prove if its alrdy proven. u just need to open eyes.
4 Famous people from your country
huns = mongols magyars = hungarians dont listen to these uneducated turks they know only how to murder (armenians, kurds, greeks, bulgarians, etc)
4 Famous people from your country
prove it