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The thing is, if sweden and germany wins they all 3 is on 6 points That means they will go after the ammount of goals they made against each others (NOT THE KOREA MATCH) and that means that mexico mad...
Well germany will go thru if they win, thats done.
Well i mean if sweden and germany wins then they+ mexico will have 6 points and then they will go after the ammount of goals the teams have made and they will not count from the korea matches and that...
I still can't understand that Berg didn't get a penalty like WHAT????
Well they will remove the korea matches if sweden and germany wins so then mexico will have less goals then sweden xD (if sweden wins)
SWEDEN sportbladet :D They remove the goals from the korea matches if 3 teams is on the same points
They confirmed that we only need to win by 1 goal cause of the goal toivonen did in this game :D
They should bring in Steel instead of Bit (i think he is the igl, sry if im wrong)
TheMongolz vs CyberZen
Who cheated?
Red Reserve vs FriendlyFire
That was so bad from lyght, u put down the molotov. JUST HOLD IT! U can hear if he runs thru it!
Red Reserve vs FriendlyFire
Go Syken<333
Revoltz vs Coscu Army
feels like revoltz are throwing or something, they didnt play this bad last time i saw them. It feels like they are whole new team with silver 1 players vs FriendlyFire
Feel like iGame Will take this, they Will be on fire from their last match
EnVyUs vs Heroic
In my opinion heroic is the favour cause of NVs stand ins
compLexity vs OpTic
Why are they playing nuke? Like why didnt they ban it? they lost 16-6 last time and its optics best map lol