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If astralis wins
ofc denmark bestest
leave Stewie alone
He complains about having to play a videogame at 10 am. F*** him. I don't care how stressful it might be to be a pro gamer but complaining about that is just weak
We never tip here because they get decent wages
bidet nozzle
Nice little underscore in your name newfag. Must suck you cant make a space in your name
bidet nozzle
Why would you want water up your ass? Bidets are gay
Best burgers
It's hard to say. In general obviously USA since they have a huge amount of restaurants and small joints that make burgers, but other countries also has amazing burgers. In Denmark we have a place tha...
Eating fruits
Would replace it all with snus. I havent eaten for a year and can still maintain my weight. Whenever im hungry i just take some snus and then im all good
next astralis burnout break ?
It's because the governemt feeds all male danes with estrogen because we are born with too high an amount of testosterone. For most it's no issue because it kinda balances us out so we only have sligh...
Uni sucks
Ahh fair point. A similar thing happened to a friend of mine but just try your hardest. What is it you are studying?
Uni sucks
Why did you even pick it in the first place then. Imo you should just pull yourself together for the first semester and see how it goes. Maybe it's just the current courses that suck and it could get ...
Uni sucks
Why does it suck? I picked wrong last year and dropped out but now i study something i really enjoy.
Will robot girls take over social media?
No person is the same. There are still PLENTY of loveable wifey material girls out there lmao