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drugs useful
No drugs is best drugs. You only need alcohol
Swedish Scene vs Danish scene
Liquid 9-0 blast
lol true
Liquid 9-0 blast
https://www.hltv.org/matches/2299501/tsm-vs-liquid-faceit-league-2015-stage-3-finals-at-dh-winter-2015 it might be 2015 but elige and nitro still got astralis(tsm)'s dick served
Liquid 9-0 blast
+1. People forget so quickly, same with the time where astralis beat liquid 16-0
Does Zowie ever plan to take out a wireless mouse?
exactly. i remember how it would also just stop working in the middle of games and then i would spend 20 minutes trying to make it reconnect lol
Does Zowie ever plan to take out a wireless mouse?
i will never trust a wireless mouse. I know it was 2010 but it still haunts me
Do you want kids ?
Yes ofc but not yet
Job at McDonald's
One of my best friends has worked there for some years now and loves it. Good colleagues, most are also young people, you can get free food at every shift, in denmark its food worth of 82dkk every day...
But true and you know it. That 1v3 bubzkij ninja lol. Just defuse and spin and they cant hit shit hahah
They couldnt hold a site on dust 2 even if their moms lives depended on it
The best duo
Device and Dupreeh ez. Owned the scene for 1.5 years. end of discussion
Why do 80% of danes cheer Astralis?
Because Astralis has been the frontrunner for danish cs for so many years. ive supported them since the dignitas days
your weekend
play video games, get drunk tonight and have sex. Tomorrow i will do nothing
https://www.instagram.com/p/BxgZSxqBXNf/ very fat yes