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all of them besides tyloo are at the same level as vega bro
Vitality will fail
i mean they'll get further than g2. i see vitality definitely getting past the qualifiers
Lube up
;) oh yes
Eleague is trash.
all of you guys are missing the point of the post cloud9 got no bonus or anything for coming from the winners bracket. Faze and C9 lost the same amount of bo3s but faze still won because of the forma...
IEM KATOWICE 2019 not best major
a french team hasnt had a chance to win since 2015
AWP OP as fuck
reported =)
AWP OP as fuck
shut up retard
top 7
welp i guess we were wrong
top 7
+1, bet dupreeh will be 7 and electronic will be 6
best rapper NA
ok I'm just gonna defend kanye here because I acknowledge that Jay Z doesn't belong in the top 5 (but he does belong in the top 10). I'll defend him in the three ways I used above lyricism: Nowadays,...
best rapper NA
I guess it's just about perspective man. I don't know rakim too much so I can't speak on him, but consistency to me is a big part of being a GOAT. That's why eminem isn't on there, that's why nas is #...
best rapper NA
it's a bit of a stretch, ur right. maybe i should've put wu tang or mf doom up there instead. still, he's probably a top 10 goat, he's released 2-3 masterpieces and has continually had an impact on th...
best rapper NA
what the fuck? kendrick not in top 50? he is the least controversial person on my list. if you've listened to rap in the last 8 years you'd know why. his last 3 albums (out of 4 total) have been incre...
best rapper NA
i guess you're an em fan huh. He'd be in my top 10 (at 6 or 7), and it's justified that you would think that but here's why I don't think he's in the top 5: 1. great rhymes but bad lyrics. You can u...
best rapper NA
GOATs: 1. Biggie 2. Kendrick Lamar 3. Jay Z 4. Kanye West 5. Nas/Tupac