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Liquid vs FURIA
What can I say: Elige name is 'Jonathan Jablonowski', and "Jabłonowski" is a typical Polish second name, so Poles rules the CS GO world. Despite VP fail. At time. vs Vitality
Coś wygracie, dla odmiany?
best baiter ever?
Attach a video for your votes.
AGO vs
Math test: CSGO team count 5 players. Virtus plays against Ago and half of Ago is in Virtus (or inVitrus?) How many players could you see and why all of them are Taz?
Valiance vs mousesports
Valiance defeated Mouse in fourth. Letn1 didnt count as a player. Its worse for Mouse.
mousesports vs Valiance
STYKO is a humble guy with high potential. He also doesnt fit to ALL STARS Mousesports
Valiance vs mousesports
Snax was the problem.
Valiance vs mousesports
mouses deserved this. For Snax!
mousesports vs Valiance
Every time Mousesports is defeated Im happy. My small revenge for Snax. You guys of Mousesports missed your chance. But it's too late. Bye. Live long with autistic Oscar. Chris & STYKO alone cannot do...
AGO vs Kinguin
Kinguin will be the loosers as long as they have Taz on payroll. On the other side AGO have bright future, some changes are needed as releasing Szpero (too big ego) and Phr (ugly as a faceshit, no gam...
97% Poles are proud of their nation
Don't squeal
x-kom vs AGO
Mynio - to zdrobnienie od "Misiaczek". Myślałem, że to niemożliwe, że nie da się bardziej zdrobnić. Tak babcia do ciebie mówiła? Kochana kobieta. Nie dziwi nic, że Izak tak sikał pod siebie ze śmiec...
x-kom vs AGO
Patitek, what's are good and undetectable cheats today? You're my expert!