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hunden to Astralis
Scum Org and Scum Coach
KennyS to fnatic?
no. he was only good at deagle. also he has least amount of entry attempts in fnatic and least amount of success rate. everyone on fnatic has more attempts on entry than golden in 2021.
KennyS to fnatic?
golden was kicked because of poor fragging, poor strats and poor decision making. he is not sacrificng stats, he is just a bad fragger.
academy teams
Zywoo top1 2020 Online era dont count
how is s1mple top1 when zywoo has more stats and mvps than him, s1mple was close to zywoo only because kato was on LAN. If it was online also, he would not be in contention just like in 2019.
ZywOo ranking 2021
zywoo have 3 evps.
ZywOo ranking 2021
zywoo had 2 rmr mvps. still 2x mvps than s1mple in 2020. also why shouls s1mple get rmr mvp for farming cis in 2020. it had only 1 top 16 team in all theree rmrs. even if we count cis as having mvps,...
ZywOo ranking 2021
what did vitality achived more? zywoo won 6 mvps but they won only 2 events lol.even hltv had navi as better team than vitality. only s1mple fans have these excuses for not being top 1. zywoo in 2019...
Fnatic on lan
he left because he wanted to igl. fnatic needs to chosse golden or flusha. they picked golden over flusha. golden is definitely not going in first. fuking krimz have more entries than golden.ya get f...
Fnatic on lan
Keeping golden and kicking flusha was the main reason fnatic gone this much bad. Before they were atleast top 15 team. So are you saying to keep golden again and go outside top 50 rankings
TOP5 LAN Right Now
Onliner navi gonna get exposed today