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Fnatic got 488 points because they won 6bo3s to win that event while beating 2nd,5th and 7th ranked teams at that time. Only coming events to have such top teams are EPL Finals, Blast finals, Beijing ...
s1mple good, jw best
stats don't lie
s1mple or zywoo /thread
JW best swedish player?
Its between krimz and jw.
Devve top 1 of all time
Device is GOAT not because he won 4 majors. He is GOAT because he is the only player ever in csgo who was a top 5 player for majority of CSGO
FAZE *enter name here*
Faze pronax
Fnatic 4#
teams below fnatic are not better than natic in te last 3 months.hence fnatic should be ranked higher
Fnatic 4#
which 16 team big events did any of them won in last 3 months??????
Fnatic 4#
can you tell the number of teams who won more than fnatic in the last 3 months who are below rank 5?
I fix any top 30 team
Best year for CS:GO scene.
level of csgo is getting every year as it will be better than current in the future.But competitiveness may not. In 2013,we had only NiP and VG as real top teams.In 2015, we had fnatic,tsm,v...
Best year for CS:GO scene.
2015 undisputed. Actual 4 t1 teams who could win any event they attended.
GOAT Debate
He didn't won most big events. Hltv's big event list before sept 2015 is not complete. It only takes majors as big events before that. Its retarded because hltv considers blast events as big events wh...
Current Top20 2019
1.zywoo 2.s1mple 3.device 4.elige 5.electronic 6.twistzz 7.magisk 8.brehze 9.naf 10.jks 11.niko 12.dupreeh 13.serjej 14.krimz 15.woxic 16.kennyS 17.ropz 18.cerq 19.jw 20.xyp9x
well then how did astralis 3-0ed through groups stage if they were so "tired". they has a lot of rest in the free day before semi.