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NiP to win Major
dark horse to make deep run but no lol
NiP, new Tyloo high skill but low experience
g2 is a lot better than people think, imo they are closer to vitality in skill and level than people think
he is 18 not unusual lol nice anger
FaZe Fan Opinion
FaZe Fan Opinion
Yeah, I'm not sure either. But hopefully this happens as I would love to see ISSAA/woxic get a shot on mouz. Or some of the Imperial players could be good options. Tbh FaZe may benefit from some youn...
FaZe Fan Opinion
If they fail at major: -AdreN -olof/rain +Sunny +ChrisJ
Yeah, I think they have a good chance at top 8 depending on the draw, but they will definitely make top 16 at least. This is just hypothetical.
What Envy should do with Karrigan
I chose hadji originally just because he has history with the org
What Envy should do with Karrigan
Oh shit forgot about him. That would be good too
NAVI in 2019
+ANGE1 +Hobbit
nitr0 seems to be fine as IGL. no need to swap him out if its not a glaring issue. they dont need awper either just players that can use it when feeling hot like naf nitr0 twistzz and even taco somet...
also whenever they get into big games its always twistzz that carries along with nitr0 or naf depending on the day elige is supposed to be a top player in the world and in NA and in big matches is the...
its not just astralis in big games that he doesnt show up in. he was quiet in the NRG vs TL final, last time they played astralis he went -25, with -16 in the map they won, to go back further at ESL...
he didnt show up before the price change either, not even related to that. but imo that does not help