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ur fav song? Music video isnt great but the song is pretty good, even though im tired of it now
+18 girlfriend's past
Everything is perfect except she slept with 3 guys, and shes in her early 20's? This post is either a troll or some sort of humble brag kinda shit fest, there are very few virgins over 20 years dude
Threads like these makes me think of a special hell for hltvers where there are seperate piles for the dead with seperate ways of torture and they switch pile every hour.
Casters salary
Too much
Stop saying "cry"
It is
I hope this is troll If its not you should consider buying a rope and finding a tree
People still mentioning RNG as a decent team? Renegades is probably the most overhyped team in CS GO's history, omegalul
Best TV show ever?
Ah youre one of those The "im better than everyone else" type of guy.. GL with that in your future endevours, the only problem is that the humour in Frasier is not hard to understand, its just that ...
Best TV show ever?
Seinfeld is and was definetly better than frasier, but frasier is also good
Best TV show ever?
Nothing beats Seinfeld
When people on hltv writes "raw mechanical skill" i get eye cancer
I fix any team.
Your country’s darkest time in history?
During the black plague probably, half the country literally dead For example some football fans might know who Martin Ødegaard is but his surname means "Deserted farm" or something like that which c...
Tinder biggest shit?
Maybe she got scared you were a rapist, as everyone knows 50% of turks are rapists, not racism btw
shox lost his motivation?
Not "maybe" you monkey