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How I imagine you
Norwegistan Rain sex god
My life story.
Worst pain you ever felt
Nvm it must definetly have been the time the doctor had to pull out something stuck in my ear which was connected with a bunch of ear wax and it felt like he was pulling out my brain
Worst pain you ever felt
Cant remember, maybe when a friend hit me in the balls with a stick, it wasnt even that hard but it hurt so much lol, i feel really, really bad for threadstarter
Rate song!
3.5/10 very boring, stale, nothing new
best country? :)
+1 sexiest girls
loss of aviici was harder then any other loss
Another retarded dead celebrity "rip" thread where people fake being sad
Girl talked to me #3 (FINALE)
I personally havent felt the way you describe i think, i only kind of get a crush or fall in love (only experienced love once) with girls that i find attractive, funny and kind, i guess they've all be...
Girl talked to me #3 (FINALE)
You want her to be the girl of your dreams and you make her out to be someone she isnt to fit you better and then you probably fell in love with the idea of her, i gtg maybe ill write more later
Girl talked to me #3 (FINALE)
She sounds like a bitch honestly, not a nice person
Unpopular Opinion Thread
But not you right? Lazy "gamergirl"
if you could save 10 countries
Unpopular Opinion Thread
God didnt create men to be eye candy sir, we work while girls like you sit and complain about us on the inter-niet
Unpopular Opinion Thread
The salad got to your brain mate, youre a bunny now
Unpopular Opinion Thread
Inb4 you argue how cows pollute the planet and is the source of all evil while youre on a flight to spain the 3rd time this year