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Astralis vs K23
might be the only tournament astralis will win this year
daps forms new roster under Orgless banner
How many weeks before he gets kicked and replaced by Stan?
Liquid part ways with Grim
Grim won no trophies but lost most of his hair KEKW
AWP nerf ideas?
Idea 1: 5 bullet magazine Slower bolting and swapping Way lower no scope accuracy Idea 2: Slower zooming/scoping time Slowed down in movement when hit Idea 3: ~$5500
astralis mistake
ACOR LMAO that tier 2 noob could barely go positive in mouz
NiKo hype.
if anything he is better than s0mple and zywhooo, he is no awp abuser, only a rifler
What is an era, and do NAVI have one?
Except during that time everyone else besides nip were semi pros that weren’t fully committed to csgo, had no org, had little pay, not a proper team and reshuffled every other month. The competition...
A1-S is ruining tournaments
Nope. Just letting you know that nobody did
A1-S is ruining tournaments
+1 The only gun easier to use than the m4a1-s is the awp, actually zero aim required since u only need a body shot and with characters being as big and slow as they are in GO, it’s too fkin easy to g...
A1-S is ruining tournaments
Good thing nobody gives a flying fuck about what you agree with
most average cs pro?
Him and Ethan used to be nutty on NRG
G2 2022
huntard is literally one of the quietest guy in the pro scene??
-XTQZZZ +zonic is the worst move ever
yes the coach behind 4 major wins and the longest spanning era surely will not be an upgrade to some creepy egghead frieza-looking dude. sure thing bro