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G2 vs Astralis
I’d be surprised if astralis get 10 round
G2 vs Astralis
all in astralis lol vs G2
hey Yadakin and friends, it was good knowing you all; but now that your honeymoon period is over pack up and head back to tier3 cs on MDL.
they are probably undergoing roster changes. vs forZe
Imagine losing to Alzheimer’s and Clit(ring)
Your new candidates
sh0r0 the bot who gave away the awp to CadiaN the retired analyst for him to dunk on his team in the most embarrassing fashion ever? i dont think he should be considered a top player.
gg im done
he even has that look of "what have i gotten myself into, why would i want to compete at this level??" look by round 7 during all of his player cams. it was that or he was tilting
Xyp9x career over?
the greatest support player of all time has to get booted now because of the online era full of nutty boys who will choke like a dog on lan; the exact type of player that he outbrains on big tourneys ...
G2 vs Liquid
How the heck was liquid supposed to know that, Sherlock? Lmao
Why not nerf AWP if you nerfed Krieg?
high ceiling? is this the nonsensical response that a noob tells himself when told that the awp is the easiest weapon to use? Even s1mple, dev1ce and most other top awpers have said the awping on the...
Why not nerf AWP if you nerfed Krieg?
literally the easiest gun to use. s1mple, dev1ce and many top pros said so as well. it might actually be easier than the auto snipers. at least you had to hit 2 shots with that one.