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This game is so trash
Nope. A global will have enough game sense and experiences to position himself for free wins against silvers in 1v1 situations. If he couldn’t win against silvers more often than not, then he doesn’t ...
North vs Heroic
North vs Heroic
North will come back stronger
N word
LOL some ashkenazi jews are sexy af lol
TeamOne vs Rap Gang
Rape gang?
FaZe vs BIG
This is entirely your fault for believing in a bunch of washed up noobs, at 2019 no less
FaZe vs BIG
Hahaha how much?
Wrist Aim vs Forearm Aim
what an absolute dog shit of an brain dead "advice". Going with what hes "comfortable with" will only make him comfortable; but it wont help him become better, at the very least it wont make him reach...
Why everyone who plays cs white?
Because black, brown and sand people play CS and similar games IRL
- Stewie 2K + WHO???
shox most overrated player
+10000 hes now just a shadow of his former self being propped up by retarded casters and analysts because its their job to"make things sound exciting". Even if he was good in the past, hes certainly ...
Ethan height
sanji and n0thing are shorter im sure
Astralis boring?
its just a bunch of numb- skull simpletons that cant comprehend and appreciate higher level of depths. its like fine art inspecting actually
-Zeus +???
jame, primary awp p1mple back to primary rifling and 2ndary awping
NRG will destroy Astralis
dupreeh even said theyre in this major to deny liquid the trophy, they dont even care about winning it