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DBL PONEY vs 1shot
nitr0 makes CS:GO return with Liquid
If Liquid doesn't work it will be because of nitr0 the remainder of the roster is top tier
Vitality sign Magisk, dupreeh, zonic: "It's now time to think internationally"
V for Victory EZ for Vitastrality
Liquid confirm shox signing
top 5 or top 6 incoming
Astralis confirm dupreeh, Magisk, zonic departure
Welcome to Vitastrality
Liquid confirm oSee signing
No, top 5 in Finland Winland
Liquid confirm oSee signing
Some talk about Stewie, not sure he would do better than nitr0 as IGL.
Liquid confirm oSee signing
NiP is currently top 5 you know. Vitality, G2 and Gambit were the only one to compete with NaVi. 2 of these teams (Vita and G2 will change), if Liquid works then they can be 5th or 6th for sure.
Liquid confirm oSee signing
Now announce nitr0 and shoxie and maybe we have a top 5 team, thanks
G2 set to bring in XTQZZZ, in talks with Aleksib - Report
Does JaCkz have the Survivor's (Koh Lanta) totem of immunity ? xD Guy still there after kennyS, AmaNEk and nexa got benched/sold WTF
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
Ancient ? No chance for NaVi 2-0 GamBOSS
Vitality vs Natus Vincere
Sad to see that last dance finish that way :(
vitality +ex astralis duo
NaVi top 1 in 2022 Vitastrality, Gambit, G2 if m0nesy plays well (or they need to bring back AmaNEk on roster from the bench) to fight for top 2 FaZe as a dark horse Thank me later
Vitality vs Natus Vincere
EZ for Vitality on de_France2 Mirage will be a brawl ZywOo will prevail
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
Lose to s1mple's Scout Lose to b1t with 9HP Terrible chokquid