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G2 vs fnatic
OK G2 already lost Mirage : 2 free AUGs for Fnatic on T side, broken economy for G2
This has nothing to do with BO3 ... Vega barely lost on the third map 13-16, it's not like BO3 was helping MASSIVELY NiP (vs a BO1)
AUG removed?
Yeah maybe 2950$ is a bit too much, i was gonna say 2900$ (at first) because i thought the price gap vs my proposition for the FAMAS was too big, but people played 100% m4 (vs 0% AUG) when the price d...
AUG removed?
This AUG makes the FAMAS even less viable right now, so this rifle (and the Galil) need to be buffed with a lower price, especially when everyone knows how cheap pistols are (and SMG with the 600$ kil...
AUG removed?
Pistols and SMG are overpowered (price for value) in this game, lowering the price of rifles (especially Galil and Famas, about 10% of their previous price) is making them more viable (vs pistols/SMG ...
AUG removed?
To balance things : AK 2500$, Galil 1850$, Famas 2050$, m4 2950$
ENCE vs Winstrike
Winstrike is GODLIKE on Train Ence on 2-3
Brehze the american ZywOo
Spirit vs FURIA
Spirit vs FURIA
4-0 -> 6-12 on your map pick after rekting Spirit on their own ? #DIADE0-3
Spirit vs FURIA
Spirit picked Mirage #DIADEFURIA
underdogs destroy pick em
Congrats Mr WindiGOD
More like 2 or 3 (likely 2, 3 isn't likely) won't reach next stage
fnatic vs Grayhound
Grayhound definitely gonna win Overpass on CT side (6 or even more rounds as T is fine)
ENCE vs Renegades
3. MEME picked Nuke.