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Yeah vs Cloud9
2-0 for Yeah
Endpoint vs MAD Lions
yeah so many teams winning opponent's picj and losing their own lots of crazy comebacks as well
Endpoint vs MAD Lions
Yeah you're right. Except that in CS at least you can say that playing CT side is not the same as playing T side, some teams are better on one depending on maps. On tennis changing the side of the cou...
Endpoint vs MAD Lions
same with tennis 6-0 4-6 6-7
forZe vs Spirit
EZ for forZe
Endpoint vs MAD Lions
Vertigo they had 0 victories (on 2 games) before they won 16-0 today and made that winrate 33% (1 game out of 3 in the last 3 months). CS is unpredictable af.
Endpoint vs MAD Lions
Train ? EZ for Mad Lions
Cloud9 vs TeamOne
o-see ? More like o-can't_see_where_is_the_vent lul
Cloud9 vs TeamOne
o-C smurfing
OG vs Spirit
Spirit sucks or OG is back to Tier 1 ? Thanks
Heroic vs MAD Lions
I don't know why Astralis is sleeping on cadian ... unless cadian refused an Astralis offer because Astralis may not be top 1 Denmark anymore Astralis has signed/played with players far from being as...
Dignitas fe vs Able White
Yeah wtf i'm so stupid xD. Yeah it's Dignitas instead of CLG but it's the same : too much gap between AbleWhite and those teams to win 2-0 whatsoever.
Dignitas fe vs Able White
What's the point of betting "under 2.5 maps" instead of Dignitas 2-0 ? Because it's not like AbleWhite will beat Dig 2-0 whatsoever so you got yourself less interesting odds than if you had bet for 2-...
BO5 map advantage is doesn't make any sense, prove me wrong.
Yeah, thank you. Almost 2 and a half years ago (late January 2018), time flies :( Pretty crazy seeing that ZywOo directly joined a strong team with Vitality and not a Tier 3 team or something to make...
BO5 map advantage is doesn't make any sense, prove me wrong.
This. That Liquid fan is completely wrong.