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FriendlyFire vs 3DMAX
Of course, 3Dmax has some potential, they could become a top 25 team or something but last round from FF was really bad.
FriendlyFire vs 3DMAX
5v3 -> 0v3 Friendly Fire is so so trash
NBK- and RpK reunite,ZywOo joins on trial basis
There is also NpK the belgian player
Best possible french team
1.32 rating vs BIG, LDLC and ARES (didn't pad that much his stats against ARES), probably had 1.20+ vs BIG and LDLC.
Best possible french team
67% of interviewed french for a poll are against the Aquarius boat in France, and 58% are against welcoming migrants in general (even leftists are in the 40% range against welcoming migrants, and arou...
Best possible french team
You shouldn't talk about immigration your country has so much more migrants than France lul. That refugee Yezidi woman that met again in Germany the guy that kidnapped her to make her a sex-slave for ...
Best possible french team
1.32 rating on LAN at ESWC 2017 against LDLC, BIG and ARES (4 teams tourney, aAa finished third) Destroyed MAXISAUCISSE and LDLC on ESL Championnat National (LDLC was directly on final, it was a 4 te...
Get the second spot MVP, GL
NRG vs NiP
How the fak is NRG the underdog ? OMEGALUL
New NBK French Lineup
With happy and RpK, this Vitality would probably be weaker than this LDLC lul
New NBK French Lineup
And yeah if it's to get a player, not a leader, i would have kio over RpK or Happy.
New NBK French Lineup
Why the fu*k would NBK and apEX would play with RpK and Happy ? At least if NBKing continues improving as IGL and Happy isn't IGL anymore, why not, but if Happy is the IGL this will be cancer CS as us...
SCARZ Absolute vs EHOME
Go Scarz, go SCAR-20 EZ