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Top 10 metal bands
Saw them live 2 times, they are incredible
how to stay awake?
keep yourself busy all the time. Play videogames, clean your house, get out with you dog... And drink coffee.
Top 10 metal bands
1. Gojira 2. Winterhorde 3. Opeth 4. Wintersun 5. Dimmu Borgir 6. Septicflesh 7. Gaahl's Wyrd 8. Arafel 9. Fleshgod Apocalypse 10. Rammstein
Top 10 metal bands
I can't beleive i have to scroll down so much on the list to see the first person mentionning Gojira... they're fucking Legends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrfr9t6FuTU
Nice tastes, add septicflesh and winterhorde
Smurfing WTF
"Random" is the exact word to describe some of them.
fallen is cheating *PROOF*
Ofc i know where to spend my money, and it's not on making roads, neither on spending 400 billion dollars in army. I'm the ignorant one? You're the only one that's aggressive and that feels superior f...
fallen is cheating *PROOF*
This, my friend, is wrong. Our governments don't "steal" as they give it us back. What about your taxes for your army that are FAR more important than everyone else in the world? What about your taxes...
fallen is cheating *PROOF*
11.3% of the population can just die with nobody caring because they havent enough money. Saying that this is fair is incorrect. So what is it if it's neither fair neither "bad" ? A "good" healthcare ...
Drink it with energy drink. 50/50.
G2 Hates North.
Franch people isn't that cocky, we're just immature and toxic as fuck, and many of us likes to insult people in French like bitches.
euros smoking
I heard Muricans eat too much fried things and oil and sugar. Why do you do that? it's bad for your health. Oh and why do you still breath in big cities? that's bad for you health isn't it??
Surf, KZ, aim map, deathmatch... The thing is that you have to force yourself not crouching. Just force yourself strafing and taping.
I was 100% sure that this was bait . I was like "what, sixer 1V5? Meh , impossible."
Harry Potter or LoTR?
I know that you are baiting but just for information, the difference is that LOTR is heroic fantasy (nothing real) where Harry Potter is fantastic (which means fantasy elements implemented in "the rea...