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I love them too :D I was in Odense to witness their maybe greatest achivement ever. lets be real A team can only dream about winning the GS once in their career.
Astralis era OVER
Screenshot this post so I have laugh material when I stumble upon it in a year, ty.
expect... in your language
røvhul i dit røvhul
Xyp9x More Blatant Than Forsaken
Tears of a noob taste so damn good.. Keep it up serve me a White russian with your tears as the milk pls I love it. We get to win all the time AND listen to noobs cry how lucky can you actually get? I...
Xyp9x Legit or Not?
that is not fishy? he expect another player to pop up from short because teams use bait and switch tactics and he knows that so he is ready to shoot the short guy before he comes, he doesnt come thoug...
Xyp9x Legit or Not?
What is suspicious about the first clip? I didnt care to check out the rest. There is nothing to see. youre just one of those pathetic whiners who cant take your team is losing to astralis.
I guess your age
lem 5k hours denmark yes, 3 gf's astralis - xyp
I rate Ur life
Rank: silvar 2 Favourite player: Rain Gender: Men Nationality: Look flag Favourite food: rice dishes with lots of sauce on. maybe chicken with gingersauce and abricots and curry
MIBR v Astralis
I did, and slept 3½ hours to get up and go to work and do hard labor. We are not fooling around us Astralis fans
The device delusion
Looks you bended over in the shower after all. Easy GG
MIBR v Astralis
Did you cry ? Noob
what a game
gg wp
Amazing finals!!!
fukcing agree so intense
The device delusion
you really like rape huh?