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ASTRALIS FANS???????????????????
Maybe we dont check hltv every 5 min and actually have a job to do. Responsibility. Been a fan when they were copenhagen wolfes, dignitas, TSM and now Astralis. And new fans are more than welcome !!!!...
Device vs S1mple
s1mple is out of steam. its 2-0 astralis
Whats your job?
About 4300 euro/month before taxes. And in denmark we pay total around 40%. So that leaves you with 2580 euro.
Whats your job?
Im working as a maintance-guy on a big school. My education is electrician but I love my job I couldnt imagine doing anything else :) I dont earn a lot but I got more than I can use.
Are you happy ?
Happyness doesnt come over night. You need to work towards something. At first you maybe start with a small goal and when you succeed you make a new goal. It can take years to build up a life that mak...
-duprehh + k0nfig
true though +1
-duprehh + k0nfig
sadokist and henryGay
exactly 'were'
sadokist and henryGay
And the WORST part of Anders is he is tryharding to be nonbias but its so obvious.. better just accept that youre bias and then stop trying to overhype the opposition when astralis play... fucking ANO...
sadokist and henryGay
I like them, most professional there is, Sadokist is the best of them all. Anders has gone to shit. Moses is really nice. And then there is Black ddk and ddk I hate them... they SUCK (as black ddk wou...
Astralis k0nfig
swedish slut? why are you so mad? you need to be good to yourself then you will stop flaming people like that. Stop drinking unhealthy Monster soda and whatnot and say in the mirror: Im good enough. I...
Nofapruary day 1
do whatever you have to do to take your mind of it. its hard work in the start but its worth it.
Nofapruary day 1
In my experience sugar, bad food and alcohol only makes it harder it triggers the same center in the brain. So again not a good advice I would go for a run or workout instead and then treat myself wit...
KngV blocked me on twitter
what we think? you know he is the definition of immature and pathetic - AND its good he finally got what was comming for him. Why do you want other peoples opinion you cant use it for anything :)
I cant explain it if youre unwilling to understand. you already made up your mind and now youre trying another tactic. bye bye