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No gf
I can only speak for myself, I know many people thrive and grow in it.
No gf
you dont need a GF. Seriously. Everyone think they need a GF - until they get one and move in with them. Bye bye freedom.
Nice try pulling us down on your level. Thanks, but no thanks. Enjoy MIBR in 2020, because thats all the CS you can muster from your HUGE country (209 million people vs Denmark 6 million people)
Device #3
Who cares? some nerd has decided who should be number 1 for his own 'logical' reasons. Remeber though that Device dont play tier 3-4-5 teams like Zywoo... But again, Couldnt care less until Zywoo cari...
How can this be? how the hell can boombl4 become boomich?
The worst one has to be xyp vs. north 1v5 ninja defuse :P
I dont wanna take anything away from Flusha. But really.. look at Navi how bad that was organized
stew trash
youre making a fairy tale story of your own. Stopped reading your story after 2nd line.
stew trash
No. other players celebrate a round win, but this girl is just anoying and many people agree with me. He was bullied as child trust me and now he is a pain in the ass.
stew trash
Stewie2k is yelling "WOOHHH" every time they win a round. Fuck this guy, im so happy he is not on my fav team what a retarded chinese.
kennyS flick
fanboy youre delusional
astralis = death of cs
I just lost 1000 brain cells by clicking this post.
csgo unpopular opinions
Everything will decay in time, same as ence.
BOT North
BOT vs BOT. Who will win?