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bankaPEPSI vs B8
xse is toxic af, he deserves what happens to him this is the reason why he was kicked from forze
bankaPEPSI vs B8
He is only 3100 elo after 5000 matches and 10000 hours in CS:GO What do you expect? Also literally zero experience vs hltv teams
Eros vs Freedom Fighters
droid is faceit banned
so far east should play on EU servers?
online school
It is lol, you will understand it when you grow up
online school
Poor kid, you will be uneducated and dumb with online lessons Don't skip your classes and everything will be fine
Bco vs INDINDA yes, russia is europe and asia at the same time
First CS memory
Can't even remember but 100% it was css, 2006-2007 year somewhere Great old times, it felt so good
6 hours of sleep
It is not, believe me I had been sleeping 6 hours for 2 years and it is already has aftermath. You need AT LEAST 8 hours of sleeping per day, especially if you visit a school
Does anyone want to join my team??
You will lol, believe to me who is almost at bachelor's degree in computer science There is nothing worse in the world than coding. First 10-20 hours are so easy, you will cry after OOP and data struc...
Does anyone want to join my team??
you will give up it after 3-4 lessons, mark my words
AlNasser vs AlHilal
MENA scene is just aids, bunch of shit washed up players abuse arabic tournaments Why the fuck both teams has TWO players from EU? It is boring