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Summer worst season
I guess you wouldn't enjoy -25°C russian winter. And what the temperature is in Germany now? 27-28°C?, tha's average for my town in july-august
gas station, 12 injured
faceit players
igl is okay, but when random scrub talks in 1vx clutch like "DON'T THROW NADE JUST GO BACK TAKE BOMB GO B" that's so fucking annoying
Chaos vs New England Whalers
1.22 and 1.14 ratings are overrated? ok
ATK vs Goliath
why would they throw? not everyone are corrupt bitchasses in this world
pros you killed
skytten on pistol dm m0nesy on dm, i've seen him several times on kz server twenty3 in a faceit pug (HS's gf) and some unknown girl pros with 1-2 matches on hltv marke, cooper, stewie, koosta, jamezir...
? why can't you marry a woman if you love each other
Russia come
tor project that's all i can say
Russians come here
Where do you live?
Russians come here
Svekla Some old people from countryside call it burak but young people do not use this word anymore
1$ to 10000$
gl po svoemu opitu skaju 4to raz v 20 matchey bivaet proeb na 1.1 koefe ili daut comeback s 12-6. nadeus' 4to hot9 bi do 100$ doidesh
Life as is. People don't care about actual content anymore, just swear and rage, everyone will watch you. There is a popular russian streamer - buster. He came from nowhere and very populae rn, arou...
>rages all the time that's why. this guy is pretty funny when he rages
average FACEIT elo of HLTV ?
You can't lose 120. Max is -50 elo for lose and +1 elo for win