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Top 10 series :)
House of Cards , Narcos , Breaking bad , Vikings top series imo
what football team do you support
Sunderland B team
Why Vegan
But what if everyone does it :000000000000
hltv VEGANS!
Im seriously considering trying out vegan , but i dont understand what you would eat? Noodles , pasta , potatoes? Seeds,beans? I feel like i would be hungry all the time.
I dont even know what to say
ESEA final day to register for the league!
Faceit > esea anyways
LoL account EU trade
Haha are you fucking me , i dont even play the game anymore but u seemed serious at first.
LoL account EU trade
Yeah i have one , where can i PM you? Got some champs and skins.
going to party alone...
Take your gf and move or go on a long ASS trip somewhere , i kinda feel the same tired of the culture and people in general here , people always being soo fucking angry and sad all the time , i fully ...
can WESA affect IBP Ban?
Gaben owns Steam not Valve
Was there last summer with my family aswell (No party etc) people are really Nice in general , dont get Baited by the local salesmen on the street , they could be really annoying at times. Theres alot...
Gambit vs CSGL
Sure , but hooch needs to step up a level or two.
sleep question
Theres people who barely sleep and is Alive today , soo your answer is yes , is it healthy? I dont know.
You seem kinda scared to go to a dockor to find out , dont. Chest pain is pretty serious and you should take some time and check it out , peace.