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Best DJ to listen to playing CS
R3hab and KSHMR, also Timmy Trumpet (his latest Tomorrowland set was really good)
Net_Graph experts come here
well he is using 16:9 aspect ratio, so that might be the reason edit: nvm it really looks smaller
size of your...
25gb because of surf maps and stuff if you reinstall you will have to download those kinda maps again, but obviously less space taken at first
Russians should be seperated from normal CSGO
only a non-Global would say that Cx
Russians should be seperated from normal CSGO
that's some non-Global talk right there LUL
Post your steam profile, let us r8 it
I was at every RUSH Lan (mostly as a spectator though) and dukiiii (if you mean the Austrian player, who was accused of hacking a lot) never attended any of the events o.o Mostly players from Bavaria...
Shox IGL
Round over - Winner: T (5-1) - Enemy eliminated shox killed Egor V. <flamie> with ak47 shox planted the bomb (1on1) shox killed Ioann S. <Edward> with ak47 (headshot) shox killed Aleksandr K. <s1mple>...
mimicheater 18+
don't think it's her tbh, nice body though
felps depressed?
Maybe because he has to play this pathetic excuse of a game as his daily job
What pro`s have you played with?
played against ropz in a faceit match
whos alt account am I?
why not
whos alt account am I?
Is Maikelele still on Dig?
no he is not on dig anymore, same goes for pita
Lurpis vs Females
well lurppis was in a really good team in 1.6 to be fair...
1024x768 crosshair
size 4, gap -2, thickness 0.5, color 1