Hi I Can confirm everything you want bye.
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Guys did they remove twitch group chats? Or where can you find it?
why are the french girls so difficult??
But if she fucks you on the first date she's easy and a whore according to you
Astralis vs NiP
I have depression
Then get rich go to a 1st world country and live in a beautiful building...
Rap Fans
My nigga takeoff the best rapper in the migos
Describe your sex life with rhymes
Not scared scarred ya fool
NiP changes
Because this concert is like a tradition for them, I'm pretty sure in the past years they turned down invites to to tournaments because of this concert, it's pretty important for them. And I belive f0...
NiP changes
Well you are wrong, they have gone to that concert every single year together, it's the same one every year around this time it ain't no excuse. Sure they might change but them going on the concert ha...
NiP news ? Only thing I've seen
Filip "NEO" Kubski.......
Yes someone else has been igling inbetween infact I'm pretty sure taz and snax both were the igl inbetween.
Filip "NEO" Kubski.......
Neo has been igl since like dh lv and also vp have won many events under taz's leadership he usually is the igl cause no-one else will do it. Not discrediting neo as he is great aswell but taz gets...
Filip "NEO" Kubski.......
And both statements are true
Filip "NEO" Kubski.......
Do you even watch CS or is this whole thread a bait?
Filip "NEO" Kubski.......
No it was neo who said that f0rest was the best of all time.