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i play csgo and im bad
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Virtus.pro vs Tempo Storm
Pasha buys an auto cuz he sucks ass and can't even kill hen1 rofl so garbage
Probably won more money with C9 than he ever would've with Hiko's team tbh.
HUNDEN: I'm far better than olofmeister
Pretty sure it was common sense already.
It's literally my fucking dream for adreN to get cut off of Liquid, put in Skadoodle as primary AWP and Seangares as a coach. Will probably never happen though.
You can't keep saying this. You don't see these statistical problems with other entry-fraggers, Edward, aPEX, Olofmeister, etc.
LG is truely top5 team
1. fnatic 2. navi 3. lg
Can I run Cs Go on this pc in 300 fps?
512gb ram tho
nitr0 needs a better team
shahzam the main player
Natus Vincere vs Luminosity
maybe steel but not bolts ROFL
C9 GeT_RiGhT
Valve doesn't "NEED" to do anything. Truth is they can ban whoever the fuck they want and unban whoever the fuck they want.
Liquid fans FailFish
You just said nV's best player is kennyS ROFL
Cloud9 vs Games Academy
Cloud9 dropped 5 rounds of 48 in groups... so its obvious the winner of Group C plays them.
Cloud9 didnt deserve to win...
So because Liquid made mistakes C9 didn't deserve to win? HLTV LOGIC AT ITS FINEST LOL.
Cloud9 celebrating
I think that if you were a slumping team desperate to fix your problem plus still needing to prove you can still be number 1 in your region and you finally win, you'd feel good too. Plus, have any of ...
Nitr0 on c9
Srry butthurt HLTV faggots but c9's roster is pretty much already loaded with the best north american players there is that aren't banned.