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Retired as an Account Executive and partly working as a Consultant, I have dedicated my time to the game of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. I make videos with my observations analyzing competitive CS:GO, specifically within the North American scene. I am the producer of the video series Clive's Considerations, along with Clive Reviews and some other general comedic content.
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Cloud9 Academy Team
Pretty sure Yay is 18. But yeah, people like: Kaboose Floppy Wrath Koi I think Oderus is 17 now, but he would have been a good pickup for those farm teams.
Skadoodle Replacement
If I am to be honest (and I don't think this is the best for NA CS as a whole b/c it would weaken Liquid), the best replacement Cloud9 could do for Skadoodle would entail thinking out of the box and n...
s1mple Niko Team
No this team would consist of 4-5 carries. You put s1mple, oskar and niko on a team and niko doesn't really need to "carry."
s1mple Niko Team
s1mple magiskb0y roleplayer oskar niko whoever that 5th player is probably most important. Would need to be someone capable of playing support, clutching and site anchoring.
Tips to stop fapping?
I'll try seriously helping you. Hopefully that will give me some positive juju after I was just mean to that random idiot redditor earlier. 1) If you feel the need to fap, instead go use the bath...
fix mouse
Okay is an understatement. Just watch this and tell me how it makes you feel:
TS Peacemaker + Liquid
Tempo Storm didn't win CEVO LAN or take silver at DH Austin until Peacemaker stopped calling and Boltz began calling. But.... yeah. Hopefully liquid sells s1mple to mousesports so it can buy...
niko + s1mple
Would be interesting if Hiko would do a spell in Europe to play CS with NiKo + s1mple. He'd be a great support player for them. Honestly, that would probably be a very dangerous team just having those...
niko + s1mple
Is this a rule? The team communicates in english anyway Plus there aren't enough good german players.
niko + s1mple
Liquid is actively trying to sell him. They just need a buyer. Mouse buying s1mple would be the best thing. To be honest (since I was facetious in saying who's asking the real questions) it's lik...
It's not like FIFA. It's worse.
liquid +skadoodle
Maybe in 3 years. Right now it isn't even close, and I have no reason to believe that will change. Ska is honestly an absolute incredible player. Koosta isn't on the same level at all. Skado...
liquid +skadoodle
He went 21 - 17 against liquid and then like 19-22 against luminosity That's not terrible. I think later on his team realized things were dead and t...
liquid +skadoodle
The criteria for a fragger (stewie) isn't the same as the criteria for the guy setting up that fragger and totally disadvantaging himself (slemmy) context means that, criteria for a fragger =! cr...
liquid +skadoodle
That's shroud's online rating and elige's online rating. I go by LAN only. I xD when plebs step to me.