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HAHAH MM WTF!?!?!?!?!
he keeps saying commands but is yet to give them lol, what an idiot posting that he hacks then blurring out his id so people dont know
1 week nofap AMA
If you have 10iq maybe not reply to me, my level of thought and mindfulness is way above yours, peasant. Also, clearly you're a child so perhaps don't pretend to be an expert, it looks silly when chil...
is this a major?
u fkn wot
1 week nofap AMA
If u believe that you're a moron lmao, I bet you use that as an excuse to watch porn. You're sitting in your cum stained sheets hating yourself and full of guilt thinking, "welp at least I wont have p...
1 week nofap AMA
lmao nofap has no affect 12 btw haHAA
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
why bo5 that's boring as fuck.
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
bittersweet final, two of my favorite teams. Really not sure who I want to win. Would be cool to see Mouse get a tier 1 event under their belt.
Liquid vs FaZe
hope liquid rekt faze
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
im so happy navi won, faze is ghey
[18+] rate girl (sfw)
funny shaped head, nothing special compared to any other attractive girl on street, 5.5/10
if ur high or drunk its pretty good.
GPU prices !????????????????
cant wait for mining to flop and everyone panic sell their pc gear so i can finally upgrade my 7970 without spending a lot lol
i like thorin for the memes, but hes not as toxic on by the numbers so it's not as funny. plus they cut out all the edgy stuff and i dont get to see it live, so i miss it.
Liquid vs SK
unless steel is a dedi support player, his numbers are quite low for liquid imo.
Dignitas fe vs Singularity fe
ez for irtster