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ENCE vs FaZe
u like it a lot coz it happens a lot then my friend
ENCE vs FaZe
i love when faze lose
Learning portuguese to bait brazilians on hltv
i want to learn it so if i go to brazil i can pick up all of the sexy grills
FaZe Neo pic
those tight pants are so beta, what goes through someones beta mind to think they actually look good
Billie Eilish is younger than you and she earns millions $
theres rappers that can barely even speak one language that make millions lol, the music industry doesn't favor the talented.
gta rp
maybe u would like it im not sure, i wouldnt want to be the reason you dont watch something u might actually love.
Just watch this ahah
didnt laugh
Acne :)
you would think diet is the first thing people with acne try fix. To me that's a no brainer. They don't put in the effort and wonder why nothing changes.
Acne :)
i heard manuka honey could work, do some research on it if u havent. it's not like it will make it worse and keep in mind most natural remedies are not over night cures.
Acne :)
hmm im sure theres always a natural remedy out there, dont give up man and do a lot of research.
HUAWEI is banned in USA official
5g is evil my friend
Renegades vs Liquid
cs pro scene so bad atm
Racist FPL Girl only gets banned for 3 days
why do people even get banned for using a word lmao, social justice bullshit
Renegades vs Liquid
as soon as rng's t side plan fails they look so lost and forget basic stuff, liazz dying to flank from long is so stupid imo. its like they just freeze and no one knows what to do lol
Liquid vs Renegades
one of the worst rounds ive seen from rng lol