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GPU prices
but its an older card, and out of the box the 1070 wins in pretty much every aspect, not including oc. I still think the 980ti should be cheaper. Here they are $500 second hand, 1070 is $500-550.
GPU prices
i dont get why 980ti is still the same price second hand as a second hand 1070... that is beyond me.
Não Tem Como vs Valiance
who even are you? be gone, peasant that cannot read english
panomara ui is shit
FaZe Shroud
they only needed one for belo, he has no contract and hes from NA so it makes sense why they tried then tried n0thing as well. like thorin said it's very difficult to get BR visa and i assume a lot of...
FaZe Shroud
i already know people arent going to read the article or watch the clip and assume it was for more than one event lol
they will retire by the time they officially play under new team lmao
I am depressed.
doesnt mean you're depressed really, just means you're sad or feeling down/ empty. Depression is a much stronger and worse feeling. Everyone feels down dude, literally everyone but a lot less people a...
r8 zAAz's ass
probably angle, i wouldnt expect less from her
r8 zAAz's ass
lots of females have large arms bro, t h i c c girls always have flabby arm. not to say she is thicc tho.
r8 zAAz's ass
wat u mean, doesmt make sense
r8 zAAz's ass
edit : wrong comment
Não Tem Como vs Valiance
ntc are so smart, they create a team of rejects and obviously people that dont care about winning, so instead they throw and currently make more than any other pro cs team
38° outside
ur telling a russian that lol