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G2 Happy WHEN ?
lmao why would they want happy, current team is fine just too bad they act like idiots and are emotional and feminine, they need to act like men now.
stretched > blackbars???????????
Seized F3 confirmed
potentially -dosia +seized is a good upgrade, let's be real dosia aint gonna get any better and clearly seized is more skilled. saying that, dosia gets gambit a lot of attention.
Seized F3 confirmed
sucks that electronic is fuked, he could be a major winner if he goes to navi and they get the right lineup.
Seized F3 confirmed
probably following him so he can dm. i doubt anything is set in stone yet, but f3 is a good option or gambit.
why we slaves?
So tell me, what is your idea of freedom? I'm curious to hear other opinions on it. Is it not working, traveling the world and having no home? To some people that might be freedom, but that's not what...
i feel bad for seized
+1, prior to s1mple joining he was going downhill anyway so that shitty short sighted argument people are using is incorrect. Also not as if Zeus is a saint, he more toxic than s1mple is lol
i feel bad for seized
he'll need to join a team asap imo, major announced time to get to work.
i feel bad for seized
seized been bad for a while, doesnt mean his career is over. potential for another huge cis team, probably out do na'vi along the way if they dont get the right players.
seized was not kicked
actually he was shit before that too, hence why they brought in s1mple to hopefully add fire power.
Arguments against homosexuality
That's why u get sexual diseases when fucking another dude if you're a dude, or woman on woman. Same if u have multiple sex partners, which is arguably wrong too. The argument that you cannot reprod...
rate her eyes
ye but without makeup
Edward about seized
tall dudes can pull off being large though, plus i bet thats not unhealthy fat, u can tell when someones fuked by looking at their face, snax looks pretty healthy.
sue adidas for being dumb fucks and wasting time
10000 reply record attempt
it gets locked before anything can be done, been tried many times :(