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Fer 2faced
Não Tem Como vs FURIA
Ezz for the best player to ever touch Counter Strike, fnx THE LEGEND!
What keeps you visiting HLTV everyday ?
Is just the first site i open when a turn the pc on check the news and let it open all day, somedays I don't even look at it but it stays all day open xD
HenryG worst caster
does that count as a viewer in facebook? Cuz idc i just don't want to count as a viewer to facebook, cuz that's the only way ESL will see this is ridiculous.
FaZe will beat SK in Bo3
If Faze lose against this SK rn, they just can't win against them, is just a mental block, Niko aka "The group stage warrior" always choke against SK. But seriously, if they don't beat SK today, they ...
HenryG worst caster
is he casting? Idk cuz dont watch in shit facebook. Russian guy on twitch > HenryG
FaZe vs SK
+1 Niko aka the group stage warrior will choke as usual against SK.
ESL Clown League
LOL that's weird, here in Brazil every week there is a match in open channels, even in group stages, sometimes they show one match on tuesday and other in wednesday.
ESL Clown League
World Cup all games almost all games are open here, Champions League, since the playoffs they are showing the games (and some group stage matches are also in open channels) And the Olympics are in ope...
ESL Clown League
Even the finals?
ESL Clown League
well, not here
ESL Clown League
Is the Champions League PPV? Is WORLD CUP PPV? Is the OLYMPICS PPV? No. And Major won't be either. stop being a retard. It's a dumb move by ESL and we as viewers have the right to complain.
ESL Clown League
Most retard thing ever, fak facebook
Who respects Clown9 nowadays?
sorry just remembered of NTC, so he wont be MVP of all events, cuz KNG (most respectful player of the world), CHELO (the brazilian coldzera), felps (the brazilian fer) and fnx (best player to ever tou...