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best UK rap
Grey Area by Little Simz was also banging album
best UK rap Four Owls & Foreign Beggars > Rest
Germany - Brazil 7-1 or Croatia - England 2-1 or Champions League final 2013
valve ranking
Just play more and you should rank up(ofc if your winrate is positive)
gift for sister
Apple tree if she owns backyard or something where she can plant it
Build the worst "washed up" team possible
Fifflaren Happy Edward Neo CajunB
Favorite rap album
Not huge rap fan (I prefer hip-hop instrumentals) but here is some of my favourites: Foreign Beggars - Matriarchy NWA - Straight Outta Compton Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition
I’ll guess your mm rank
23 2.6K Overpass AK Krimz
Movie recomendation?
Possession(1981,Zulawski) Barry Lyndon(1975,Kubrick) Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance(2002, Chan-Wook Park, The entire vengeance trilogy is worth watching) La Haine(1995, Kassovitz) Zodiac(2007, Fincher) Eye...
snus vs cigarettes
I mostly meant the smoke. Seems like you have never seen any film noir movies
snus vs cigarettes
Smoking cigarettes is more aesthetical but that is the only good thing.
EURO2020 winner?
I'm happy if they prove me wrong at the tournament. Maybe Outsiders then?
EURO2020 winner?
Favourites: France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany Dark horses: Portugal, Croatia Outsiders: Italy, Spain No Chance: Russia, Sweden, Iceland, England, Finland
Meat ranking
1.Reindeer 2.Elk 3.Beef 4.Lamb 5.Pork 6.Fish 7.Chicken
rip pickems
Most likely greyhound and tyloo or intz