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Uff...You almosted give me earth attack, I think a fox Vac.
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did you ever cheat?
In multiplayer games no, I have always found it rather pointless and hurtful for the game, though I guess if it cheats vs cheats match its not so bad, just don't still see any point of doing that eith...
Thorin has reached ZEN!
idk why people care so much about this old gingerman or other people they do not agree with, wtf is wrong in your head, you are prolly worse than this autistic gingerman honestly... Maybe time to grow...
f1 disgusting
Nothing new sadly, never will see best drivers of the world battling it out with somewhat even cars like it should be in my mind anyway.
No NHL players in the winter olympics
u trippin' finland was never gonna win.
Good to see some money in female events for once, should be cool for them try to compete here, haters gonna hate doe.
Enterprise vs fnatic Rising
they killed the dude 2 times whole map : DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
MOUZ NXT vs Nexus
mayb time to bench everyone from main team.
enkay J on sh1ro: "I do think that syrsoN is the better AWPer"
nice yoke men :D:D:D:DD:D::DD
gade on XANTARES: "I think I bring a lot more tactically and in terms of comms to the team than he did"
delusional af, stats tell it all really about firepower... Now sure maybe xantares wasn't the perfect guy for this team but at least he still had kinda x factor.
NFTbros biggest enemy
What NFTs are is its biggest enemy, faux copy paste art that often looks like total shit, no one gonna buy that other than for trying to make easy money and in reality often they are the fools from wh...
OneTap vs Sweden
lmao they only won cuz one player carry 2 player weight, they got dude playing who retired like 10 years ago lol.
Vitality vs Evil Geniuses
losing map to a valorant team, embarrassing
NIP vs Astralis
simply beautiful
Evil Geniuses vs Copenhagen Flames
even brazil teams better than this joke...