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Uff...You almosted give me earth attack, I think a fox Vac.
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cuz people think it will go up in long term, has bitcoin ever actually gone down for good so far, no it hasn't
Cyberpunk disappointing
Problem for game is besides bugs and other things not working as well as they could is that they had to remove stuff they wanted to do due time constraints, that makes game feel even more unfinished I...
Very doubtful it is gonna crash considering how weak economy is currently, many gonna put their money in it
G2 calling FaZe useless
faze probably most cringe kids org in history so I can see where they are coming from.
Do you have winrar license
why, useless program
Pretty much, This latest "coup" is also reflection of deeper issues such as no faith in fair election due massive corruption in politics, dead people voting, accusations of election tampering every si...
RTX 3060 Ti men
Its low end cheaped out model by them, it has low power due to that and even still temperature and noise levels of this card aren't particularly good, despite the fact msi fans are also very nice. Tha...
Travis $cott
Bitcoin price
billion years ago but I didnt really have good hardware to mine sadly so it was no go, doubt I would have done that a lot anyway though, didn't really think it would be so big deal xd
RTX 3060 Ti men
650 for 3060 ti lol, that is laughable price, not worth ever, also msi ventus is shit =).
Cyberpunk 2077 performance
yeah that sucks, especially how tough it is to get top end gpus rn xd
'Cyberpunk is bad'
Game is fine but quite buggy still, also not worth the hype which was ridiculous anyway, would have needed to be best game ever to match the hype, not fair expectation.
Cloud9 vs ENCE