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Uff...You almosted give me earth attack, I think a fox Vac.
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Your Mouse
Razer viper mini, really like this mouse as buttons are very quick to actuate and weight is very low so it lowers delay regarding my movement and clicks compared to many other mouses :).
cars = waste of money
there isn't great public transport a lot of places so then having a car makes a lot of sense, there might legit be no way to get your work place with public transport without using way too much time, ...
which monitor to get?
well if you want VA panel and 240hz, I guess samsung G7 is the only good option... At least its pretty good though other than it having curve, which I don't have experience from so IDK how I feel abou...
Who are they scamming exactly? Not same thing at all.
Best are people who hate these streamers for 0, kudos for them making money from all the total cretins donating and subbing, IDC really...
dafuq u smokin' bro :D:D
I mean if we look their T half they won 3 T rounds out of 15, so based on that it is still over 50% chance for them to win T round when they get 3 chances... but I guess its somehow magically weird in...
Cloud 9 is actually decent
Problem is this man HenryG bragged hard and then used ton of money for this lineup that clearly shouldn't even be able to match top teams evenly. IDK how exactly can you expect people not make fun of ...
hREDS vs FcottoNd
ile = loss madfragger xarte = win
HLTV shirts
actually I think the shirt looks ok but IDK if many people like hltv so much still they'd buy one, especially as all mad bettors lost their money, unluko maluko xd.
Vitality vs ENCE
tfw snappi outfrags zywoo in series :D:D
Vitality vs ENCE
getting owned by snappi, tragic times for vitality :D