Uff...You almosted give me earth attack, I think a fox Vac.
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Hard Legion vs Heroic
hard legion might be worst team name to date, you just can't take it seriously :D
mousesports vs BIG
chokesports yo
This is because during this week Cologne was removed from recent lans as it is too old result to affect this category now, due this point loss Vitality did not manage to overtake Avangar.
compared to top teams of the categories they gained points as top teams of categories lost points in comparison to them, also u can see many teams gaining points despite shit performance or not playin...
HLTV rankings RIGGED
They lost some points from that back when change was made. Regardless all you need to do is wait for them to drop in rankings, for now they are still carried by their old better results but won't be l...
HLTV rankings RIGGED
3) you have fundamental misunderstanding how the ranking works... What actually drops team in rankings (simplified): 1. Other teams have new good results. 2. Old results lose their value. Ence losi...
he is clearly worse and less complete player.
lol, zywoo was always bound to be superstar because with every gun he is way too sick and his gamesense is great, I don't think jamppi is anywhere nearly as highly rated by people tho he is good awp y...
I dont think it is very same.
Well yeah, top 3 is tall ask but maybe future iterations of team will be stronger if they do not totally suck and stick together xd
Heroic vs Tricked
Why? Heroic without BlameF seems not that great lineup on paper honestly, 1.4 just too low xd
Female / Male CS at DH Open Rotterdam
it could be real tragic, even some randoms in esea open did beat them xddd, but oh well, lets give them chance at least I guess, maybe they can be competitive still. link to match :D: https://play....
fnatic vs TYLOO
yep fnatic fucking gods of mirage, just today lost 16-7 to 0% winrate team xddddddddddddddddddd
fnatic vs TYLOO
not surprised at all, fnatic already looked woeful vs ence.
ENCE vs Vitality
I am already dead inside :(.