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MGK > Eminem
Deluded af
Nah not really, he took the L, the hype will go, other rappers won’t fuck with him
SD in Sweden
How did u end up saying Hitler there?
Eminem album
It’s nice to see something different even if this different was mainstream 20 years ago
This album sounds so old style omgg
Jordan Peterson
Jesus, are you trying to convince everyone here is wrong on what they subjectively think it has higher value based on their subjective terms?
Jordan Peterson (Smartest man on internet)
Aw shit , you again
Putin , is he a clown or a hero ?
My perspective is as an outsider but I lived in a Eastern European country and I’m somehow familiar. Anyway I guess it’s right to say his legacy but that would imply that he wants to help Russia .
Putin , is he a clown or a hero ?
It’s like saying mark zuckerberg doesn’t give up on Facebook because he will not make that much money after that.
Putin , is he a clown or a hero ?
I think the problem is much deeper. 1. Putin is good as Russia’s president because it’s basically blocking USA from controlling the whole world. If you see they have army in almost every Eu country a...
Post your day
Depends when you go to sleep and circadian rhythm As you sleep you release hormones and stuff at a specific time in the night, like if you go to sleep at 1am you already lost the production of some h...
Southgate bad manager - england terrible
No Southgate is not the result of semi final, You could just remove the coach from England team and they would get same results and lose vs good teams
Southgate bad manager - england terrible
Sweden decent team 😂😂 Switzerland were horse riding them, they were lucky