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IEM Chicago
yeah i was there and it was way quieter than i thought it would be, especially considering there were so many ppl saying they were glad there was an event in midwest, thought there would be more peopl...
D13 vs SCARZ Absolute
SCARZ Absolute vs BOOM
Ez scarz
Dead yt channels
SCARZ Absolute vs EHOME
sz playing with ringer. hopefully reita does well, but i think missing their IGL will make it pretty hard for them to win then again, reita is also a former pro. so don't write them off
Ace High vs Dignitas
i dont think this is the correct ace high roster
TYLOO vs Renegades
tyloo never been easier
international teams boring af
agreed, unless the scene of the country is too small so they cant have a top team with only one nationality then its OK to root for some team with mixed
sad that signature had to drop out of the asia minor
professional eSports organization Signature Gaming containing of lurker Warittorn "RoLEX" Kalanukarn, support player Manutsawat "Reality" Sangphadung, rifler Narakrit "HSK" Phuthiwaranan, entryfragger...
yall underestimated japan
third after who? just beat renegades, who else can compete? maybe tainted minds but probably not!
i fuckin told u guys
yall underestimated japan
so whats with the japan hating now xD
yall underestimated japan
LOL you are a stupid better too... i guess u werent as hard of a target as i thought ;)
yall underestimated japan
thats such an easy target though why not target someone harder to troll, like a person who is knowledgeable about asian CS
yall underestimated japan
don't even joke about it ur username checks out