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seadoggs vs AVANT
are you fkn kidding me, what is that flag on seadogs?
Chiefs vs BOOT-d[S]
I'm sorry but you're making up numbers, there is no one who is going to offer overs of 3-1 on this result. Not only that a lot of the agencies fluctuate the odds so any large or considerable bet is go...
Chiefs vs BOOT-d[S]
you f**king kidding me? no one is throwing, an extra 11k prize money on what these guys are living off is like winning the bloody lottery. JERK.
Chiefs vs Tainted Minds
ins best player in au right this moment.
seized & s1mple vs juliano & zAAz
seized & s1mple vs juliano & zAAz
no what is unprofessional is orgs/business breaking down our game for their own personal endeavors of MAKING MONEY!
Astralis vs Chiefs
honestly, don't be an idiot, fairy tales are for adults to tell their childrens to chase their dreams - just know that some dreams aren't meant to be followed
Tainted Minds vs Chiefs
he has massive fragging potential, great site anchor but he seriously lacks game smarts and gets found out time and time again, i would definitely have tucks over him.
Tainted Minds vs Chiefs
hmm no, emagine has a lot to be desired in a pro, eg. game smarts.
compLexity vs CLG
shut the fuck up dude, you aint know shit kid
Gay normal?
What do you consider normal? It's normal to love, the more you love the better the world is, love whom ever and what ever because everyone is entitled to happiness.
Bad Monkey vs Athletico fe
i'm sorry but laws are changing where your behaviour online can directly affect your life in reality. Yes you may be able to get away with more but it'll catch upto you one day.
Bad Monkey vs Athletico fe
kid, don't be so disrespectful to women and peoples appearances I'm sorry but making a friend and connecting with that person will never give you ownership, none of them will be yours because you c...
Female 1vs4
oh man, the caster nailed it - but to say that so publicly... "that is absolutely disgusting"....
Selfless vs TYLOO