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Japan Rekt
What's crazy with that action is that some time later they included a practice for parrying into the game because of how popular that move went
Real Madrid
nice quality
Update isn't fine
I'll be frank, playing CS:GO for more than 3 years and all of a sudden playing the game with this new update got me disgusted. For me the game became, sorry for the term, a true piece of shit. Just...
That flusha 14-4 clip
Yeah my friend and I were surprised aswell when he did that. When you see the same player doing the same thing over and over again, peeking at the right place at the right time on more than 50 situati...
I didn't really like fury but black hawk down and lone survivor were intense
Which country produces best cars?
Germans, Italians and British; Gotta admit Japaneses' race cars are brillant aswell
Envy vs Cloud9
ESL are a joke
That's one of the reasons eSport can't pretend to be as reknown as soccer for example. I dare anyone to name me one soccer match which happened under the last ten years where a delay of ten minutes oc...
Nice picture ;)
1500h and DMG!
Well if you actually had a great game sense you would at least be LEM. My first rank was LEM and I couldn't brag about my aim accuracy, it was mediocre to the most.
Grill Hooligan
GTR to fnatic
Every fnatic player atm is performing much better than any NiP. Don't see why they would do such a mistake to change players.
Worst Casters in your opinion?
JFZB, machine and pansy is my top 3 horrendous.
India vs Palestine
Good luck palestine, have fun guys
Palestine vs Kyrgyzstan
Nice, good luck Palestine.