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NiP vs FlipSid3
Eazy got Ninjas in Pajamas..Get_Right got this for sure..
NiP vs mousesports
I hear Get_Right saying fabbrabo most of the time after winning. What does that word mean ? And whats the correct spelling of the word ?
Rebels vs Gambit
I think GAMBIT got this..their line up is really strong...
fnatic vs Dignitas
na what is the meaning of KAPPA..I hear this word a lot in game...
Virtus.pro vs Dignitas
Virtus.Pro...Snax and Neo both where there in TOP 20 players of 2015 (HLTV)
Luminosity vs FaZe
How the hell did LG loose against them....
fnatic vs Virtus.pro
No problem...
fnatic vs Virtus.pro
[BOLD]READ THIS OUT IT WAS POSTED BY FNATIC TEAM[/BOLD] What a year it’s been for Fnatic CS:GO! Pronax, JW, Olofmeister, flusha and Krimz have achieved a record-breaking three majors for Fnatic as ...
fnatic vs Virtus.pro
CyberZen vs EFV
[BOLD]EASY FOR CyberZen.[/BOLD] [BOLD]BUT STILL I WILL SAY THE CHANCES OF EITHER TEAM TO WIN IS 60% - 40% Because we don't know much about the other team EFV. SO I SAY BET LOW OF CyberZen[/BOLD]
fnatic vs Luminosity
[BOLD]Winner of Fnatic vs Virtus.Pro vs Winner of LG vs TSM I think it will be Fnatic vs LG[/BOLD]
fnatic vs Virtus.pro
what is PLOW mode ?
fnatic vs Virtus.pro
The map selection process for this match is as follows: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Ban, Ban. [BOLD]MAP PICKS AND VETOES[/BOLD] Virtus.pro vetoes Dust2[67-33 fnatic] fnatic vetoes Train[55-45 VP] ...
fnatic vs Virtus.pro
This match should be the easier of the 2 semi-finals to predict and that's probably because of the forms of these 2 teams. Fnatic has been looking really good this tournament while VP has been looking...
fnatic vs Virtus.pro
0.0 ????