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ENCE vs FlipSid3
Man I feel sorry for allu. Then again he turned down an offer from Liquid and that team would've had great potential so I guess he sort of deserves this.
NiP vs ex-Titan
Man, it was such a good move to drop allu. NIP #1. I'm fucking loving this.
NiP Logic
Yeah I like how they dropped their second most consistent player and kept the two that were a problem. I actually do like it, now allu should have a chance to find a team that can win. I hope he does.
Err. That's just wrong. There are many Z77/Z87/Z97 boards with some pretty horrible VRM solutions that definitely aren't recommended for overclocking.
-adren +m0e
-adren +allu and Liquid could actually be a top5 team
Nip is back :D
"Bot allu" ? Okay. Looks like to me that allu is the one who left a sinking ship. NIP were fucking up allu's career pretty badly. They were either too stupid or too stubborn to properly utilize a ...
intel i7 6700k or i7 5820k?
I'd go for Skylake. You're much more likely to run into problems with the X99 platform. The 6700k should have enough horsepower for any gaming and streaming you do.
dupreeh to NiP?
This is the dumbest post I've seen in a while.
dupreeh to NiP?
You'd really get rid of allu instead of Xizt? Like, really? Plus, having forest as main awp would be just wasting his rifle abilities which NIP also need, quite badly. Also, I'd say allu is a much...
dupreeh to NiP?
That lineup is just dumb. Sorry. -Friberg +dupreeh MIGHT work IF a shuffle was to happen. Forest as main awper makes no sense at all. Pronax in a coach/IGL role could work if NIP weren't stubborn ...
Thank you Richard and Thorin.
How is choking someone normal in any way? I'm glad that psycho asshole is gone for good.
It's not so much them being good. Envy was bad the whole tournament and NIP is just crumbling ridiculously bad. It's not even fun to watch them play THIS bad. Well, at least this lineup should be disb...
New NiP/Fnatic teams?
fnatic won't change.
why apEX is top 1 player (NO BIAS)
I don't think you understand what the word 'unbiased' means.