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FaZe vs Cloud9
With a better team like G2 or SK this would be a quick 2-0. FaZe and C9 are feeling so much pressure it's unbelieveble lol
FaZe vs Cloud9
Slow pace games fucks C9 so much lol They need some brains because fast lucky kills doesn't last forever.
FaZe vs Cloud9
karrigan holding sites alone, best joke 2k18.
Gambit vs SK
Fitch always in the same place, does he think that he is playing against silvers?!
Sofiane = Jul Parisien
i can't choose a Country to Live
Western Europe or Central Europe masterrace to live.
Portugal vs Hungary= UFC
We could have won by at least 3 goals of difference. Idk why we slowed down the pace of the game.
Portugal vs Hungary= UFC
Better than McGregor vs Floyd
If CR7 scores: ''He only scores against shit teams'' If CR7 doesn't score: ''He can't even score against a shit team, he is finished''
French football
Portugal has a lot of talent as well, Spain too, Brazil is playing a lot recently, Germany has an excelent squad. As you can see France is not alone in terms of having a ''good generation''. P.S: On...
Pro salaries?
Only a major final have over 1 million viewers meanwhile in football 1 million viewers is the avarage of a football match.
Gambit vs fnatic
Difference between Zeus of Na'Vi and Zeus of Gambit is that those dumb plays like pushing through smokes when he was in Na'Vi those kind of plays never went well but now it's unbelieveble how lucky ti...
Gambit vs fnatic
Ez 2-0 fnatic :D
Next Major bring back 4 groups and it will be fine.