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KICK SUNNY !!!!!!!!
Top 1 tbh. They usually don't have problems beating the other Finnish teams. Close games sometimes, but those are more unusual than usual.
coL haters
Thanks for explaining. Some people don't even care to do that. I still wouldn't call myself a "CoL hater" as this thread implies, but you seem like a chill dude so I'll stop complaining.
coL haters
Explaining how that is the case would make your point a lot more valid.
coL haters
Well I didn't think that based on stats, I thought that on the basis of the teams they beat, and how well did they play overall, so why am I included then))
coL haters
And I am surprised that CoL made it over rogue. Rogue looked way better in the NA minor. I don't get what the point of this thread is))
Show your 10/10 girl
Yeah, obviously it would be better that way. I just meant that it's hypocritical and quite retarded from the government to allow one of them, instead of either both, or ban both.
Show your 10/10 girl
If I understood correctly from the guys correcting me, it's legal in Finland as well. I can't help but laugh that somehow a 15-year-old and a 10-year-old can consent to have sex with each other, but a...
China average IQ: 105
I think it was 99 when I last checked. I could swear it used to be a few points higher, but that's probably just me remembering wrong.
worst city in your country??
Yeah, definitely seemed worse than Turku to me when I visited.
worst city in your country??
Does Turku really have more muslims/a higher % of muslims than Helsinki? Last time I went to Helsinki it felt like I wasn't in Finland anymore.
I don't see why I should respect mentally ill people. Sure, I don't hate them, but I see no reason to respect them either.
Witcher Netflix WTF
Expected from Israel smh
Ouch. At least Finland doesn't have anyone burning/vandalizing cars yet. We got a terrorist attack in Turku though (or Åbo), the first one since WWII. And of course, committed by a "refugee". Didn't g...
Probably Poland or Hungary, at least out of those 3. Finland's situation isn't nearly as bad as Sweden's, but we're getting there. I already want to get out of here because of the immigrants and commu...