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How to stop falling asleep during a lecture?
I don't really care what you've done. Even less so when there's no proof of it. It's quite a known fact that there's asian in some of us. More so in Eastern Finns I would say. I have never been denyi...
You certainly didn't say that you only meant "quite a few" either, but that's me nitpicking I guess. And I don't know what to tell you if you think that a single image posted without any sort of cont...
Short height
I wouldn't consider myself ugly at all so I don't think it's that, but I wouldn't rule it out completely.
Short height
Usually when people reject me the reason is "You're not tall enough". But it's not like I get rejected 24/7. I just remember all those times because they felt very absurd to me since I've always felt ...
Short height
That was kind of my point. They are fine with how 177cm looks but then when you tell them you're 177 then suddenly it isn't ok.
Short height
+1 I can understand wanting the guy to be taller than you, but when it has to be a magic number (be it 180, 185, 190, whatever) then I think it's ridiculous. They would not notice the difference betwe...
Short height
I agree, but women don't seem to. Heard plenty of "You need to be at least 190cm." "You need to be at least 195cm". Give it 20 years and you have to be 7'3 to be considered a man.
Short height
I'm 6'2 so I wouldn't even consider myself short, yet I've had to read plenty of similar things. The standards are getting insane.
Do you love your country?
Obviously. Hate the politicians though.
Acceptable drugs for men
As a man I decide whatever I decide to drink or use. Pretty beta to let others decide what you should use and shouldn't.
im a pro player (tier 1)
You've been watching too much porn
pillow and blanket on your bed
pillow and blanket on your bed
I sleep
10000 chinese ppl support 9/11 in online group
Lmao none of those 3 even make sense. I'd expect shit like that from someone who's not mentally developed, but I guess hardcore brainwashing can have the same effects.