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A mongoloid braindead Finn.
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Finn = 3rd world ??
Can confirm. Directly translated it means "leave the rest" (or something similar), but it's more like "give me the leftovers"
Finn = 3rd world ??
He didn't really mention any problems we have in Finland specifically? He just said what muslims are. If you're asking if we have muslims, yes, too many.
Would you rather?
What's the difference?
Finn = 3rd world ??
Everything except the alcohol abuse actually is a positive though))
Finn = 3rd world ??
That clip is like 2 years (?) old wtf men))
being gay is a choice
how can swedish girls be so hot?
Helsinki definitely has the worst women. Maybe you've gotten unlucky, or I'm just blind. Obviously there are ugly women everywhere, but I'd say they're definitely in the minority. Idk.
how can swedish girls be so hot?
Either you've only seen the fat alcoholics who go to Estonia to get cheap alcohol, or you've been to some shitty areas men))
Why HLTV is filled with Alt-Right people
Decent bait, as always. 6/8 this one has high potential.
iPhone overrated?
Wouldn't say overrated. Just not worth the price.
make one not exist
Torah ez
sergej vs ZywOo
"Taxation is theft"
I believe that breathing is theft. We just showed up one day and started stealing the oxygen smh
Is “cracker” an insult
His name reminds me of my mm teammates in every game
Lets talk abortion
Abortion is fucking vile, but if it should be legal, then a man should definitely be allowed to have a say in it. A man can't force a woman to carry a baby for 9 months and give birth, but a woman can...