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faceit premium
u need to pay
First job?
painting houses with my dad in Norway, he was giving me 50e per day and I wasnt paying anything for food/housing.. Worked for 3 weeks only tho.. Made enough money to spend the whole autumn at home in ...
A real super team.
we are talking about human superteams.. Leave the gods out of this
Faze Ghost no stream
yeah you are kinda right.. maybe it was tier2.. But still iBUYPOWER Masters is a higher tier event, or should be..
Faze Ghost no stream
gaming paradise wasnt tier1-2 tournament.. This tournament has Astralis Faze and Liquid.. as well as fnatic and C9
Astralis vs compLexity
they are actually playing on 144hz monitors omegalul.. why tho
300$-400$ smartphone please
just find an S7 edge.. Cheap and great.. 4 years no issue yet
ninja>minor final
ninja's stream is for entertainment minor final is a serious professional match
Vitality vs North
Zywoo most consistent top fragger in a pro team?
144 hz or 240 hz?
you have to be really fast to take advantage of 240hz..
banned from faceit&esea
If you are not cheating then you are using a suspicious software on your PC that faceit/esea AC detected..
Help me with new PC
i5 9600k 310e Z390 130e 16gb 3000mhz ram 150e 2nd hand gtx 1070 250e some 20e case 80e power supply (550W+) solid cpu cooler 50e SSD 240GB 70e
Help me with new PC
dude 2nd hand gpus are already cheap af in my country.. I can get gtx 1070 for 240-250e Bought an 1060 3gb last year for 150e when all gpus were expensive af :D
computer rating
I play only csgo tho