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CS Major into a TI
Yeah well my point is the total prize pool is muuuch bigger than 1M , more likely around 5M but yeah, its still nothing compared to the 40M from TI
CS Major into a TI
It is indirectly crowdfunded via stickers.. teams and players earn much more from stickers than from prize money from the major I believe
ZywOo doesn't DM
You need to learn how long you need to dm so that you warm up but not exhaust yourself :d
People with internet issues come here
Any idea if I can fix routing issues from my end? Sometimes it's only a particular location, like right now I have bad routing to London and Amsterdam but sometimes it is on many locations
as I said, noticeable, and you cannot get a stable 300fps with non OC'ed i5 8600k/i5 9600k Right now I have i5 8600k and I have it OC'ed and 4.8ghz and the VISUAL difference is huge compared to stock
I cannot confirm for i5 10600k, but there is an enormous noticeable difference in performance in CSGO with stock and OC'ed i5 8600k and i5 9600k
Umm jeez I dont know, probably the insane fps boost you get in csgo..
why tf would you get a K processor and use it non OC'ed with stock cooler?
How to run 144hz in 1.6?
bruh I just told you no need for anything just fps_max 144 and fps_override 1 -freq 144 is actually not needed as you said I have played around 100 games on fastcup Im telling you from experience
How to run 144hz in 1.6?
playing with more than 100 fps makes the movement a bit different in the sense of bhoping.. Like when you jump and land, your movement gets slowed down more than if you use 100 fps, thats why you shou...
How to run 144hz in 1.6?
bruh just -freq 144, go ingame, fps_max_override 1 and fps_max 144
Timing = pure luck or skill?
I'd say when you are a terrorist its more about skill or gamesense, knowing when you need to react if you are the solo player on one part of the map and so on.. If you are a ct you can actually be unl...
CS actually dying?
Always has been.