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i7 9700k and rtx 2070
could be number of things, ssd/hdd failure, RAM not properly set up, windows and nvidia not properly optimized, bad gpu drivers (You should only get the nvidia driver and maybe nvidia experience you s...
1.4 sens users come
Its good to slightly use wrist.. if you play full arm all the time RIP Shoulder..
ur right nobody is gonna sue you cuz noone gives a fck about you
dont play at 7:01 as a 1st worlder
dude i was about to start a match wtf
your first fps?
csgo 100fps 15yr old cs 1.6 50fps 6yrs old
Your fps in CS GO
there is no way your fps doesnt go bellow 220 on faceit.. even on mirage when you go out short as ct it will go bellow 220
500€ PC??
Get a used one.. i7 4790k - 120-150e, depends Z97 - 50-80e 2x4 GB 1600mhz - 30-40e GTX 1060 3gb - 130e PSU - 50e SSD 240gb - 30e Computer case - free If u get them for a good price and have money left...
Your fps in CS GO
i5 8400 is much better than i5 6500..
Cpu for gtx 1050 ti
++ its amazing for the money..
Best matches in CSGO history?
lol no, Katowice 2016 semi final
Best matches in CSGO history?
Na Vi vs LG on overpass.. so much happened on that map
Best Rock song ever
just had the conversation today with my friend who is a Tool fanboi and he mentioned they are progressive metal band not a rock band :D thats why the comment
Best Rock song ever
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-IvW6J2e80 by the way
Best Rock song ever
Rock Progressive Metal choose 1 :D (not saying its a bad song/band dont get me wrong)
Your fps in CS GO
you are not lying at all..