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Virtus Pro
Please come again
Gambit vs FaZe
Lmao what are you smoking son that shiat hitting you hard .... onliners can't stop LAN BEASTS
Gambit vs FaZe
Gambots down ..... team s2mple next to get chopped ..... ez trophy for the meister hahhahhah the meister laughs on these onliners. Cuz Faze is a LAN beast.
Gambit vs FaZe
Let's go baby let's go Faze home me that 2500$
Gambit vs FaZe
Let's go Faze show who are the OGs of Cs.... Faze came to party baby why isn't Gamb0t playing any music
Gambit vs FaZe
Ez for Faze
Natus Vincere vs Renegades
Lmao b1t or B0t 3-15 hahhahahha
FURIA vs Vitality
Botsuta at his best dieing to deagles and performing like shittt that he is
Complexity vs Vitality
Kyojinn taking the word replacement to seriously and playing worse than rpk.
Astralis vs OG
Wtf is Asstralis doing twice they gave up the bombsite and they are dogshit at retaking it
Gambit vs Heroic
Wow what a round from Cadian beast .... knife and 3k clutch
Gambit vs Heroic
What a match both teams trying there best.
Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas
Lmao why pay to keep a team like EG. Probably losing money instead of making any. When was the last time they won any big payouts in a tournament. Lol getting rekt by Friburger.
Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas
Yup obviously no other good team wanted skinnyHOE so EG took the gamble and lost. With xeppa EG would have had a solid 5 and more chances of winning.
Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas
Lol EG picked up Hobo the trash instead should have picked up xeppa or someone else. What a downgrade from Ethan.