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NoChance vs DreamEaters
wait you are saying retards on valiance have IGL? LUL
NoChance vs DreamEaters
be retarded and lose to timer on eco
HAVU vs Tricked
Round over - Winner: CT (5 - 9) - Enemy eliminated Twixie killed acoR with ak47 (headshot) peku killed Lukki with hkp2000 (headshot) Twixie killed PERCY with cz75a acoR killed Hoody with awp (headshot...
Cloud9 vs FaZe
ez9 rigged na tournament
ViCi vs North
b is free every round when you go, but you lose every round when you go a.. hmm lets keep pushing a!
ViCi vs North
Round over - Winner: T (4 - 10) - Enemy eliminated kaze killed Kjaerbye with awp kaze killed aizy with awp kaze planted the bomb (1on2) kaze killed gade with awp gade killed advent with aug (headshot)...
ViCi vs North
i know right. hold the most basic angles and hope to not get flashed. what
ViCi vs North
12-10 get ecod 12-16
ViCi vs North
i bet on 1.24 fite me
Cloud9 vs BIG
Round over - Winner: CT (13 - 14) - Target saved gob b killed autimatic with aug gob b killed flusha with aug (headshot) gob b killed RUSH with aug gob b killed kioShiMa with aug (headshot) Zellsis ki...
AVANGAR vs Winstrike
there is a difference between choke and throw
AVANGAR vs Winstrike
you mean how ffin small they are
AVANGAR vs Winstrike
you ffing brain less, its upper bracket and its not like these kazah shits care about getting destroyed at major quali by eu gods. they get all the money on insane live odds cuz its free and cant be p...
AVANGAR vs Winstrike
so fucking obvious i cant believe