3rd account, 2 first 10 year ban ;(
Forum posts
SJ vs Helsinki REDS
xarte sexy hair, shave bear and put on a dress )
I rate your steam profile.
show me your cock i must be gay
Gay party come
i like older semi muscular men, sorry, dont fancy young feminine tuure boelius tier gays
rate song
no, im not high
rate song
is this even music? just fuck a rooster in the ass and youll have a better song
i fapped with cartoons
sanity runs out pretty quick at this pace
i fapped with cartoons
how is this kind of fucking ceo idiot not banned and lisa ann"s OFFICAL hltv manager gets a 10y ban JUST FOR THE NAME Your ip address (, has been banned from this site, thi...
i fapped with cartoons
suck my balls hltv mods
Scared to f*ck
do you have a small dick or what is the problem, youre 15?
I Name 7 Countries
Who do you study at university?
i study gayness and cocks - how to make them erect and how to make them soft again, my speciality is balls and their effect on the cock
how the fuck do i not punch my monitor
Get your dick sucked
City ??where would you like to live?
Your best ban reason
Your ip address (, has been banned from this site, this is most likely due to past abuse. Abuse from username: Lisa Ann"s Offical HLTV Manager has earned this ip a ban unt...
Your best ban reason
10 year ban for posting 'theres cum in your cpu cooler' to a guy asking why he had fps drops. or then the ban was for a pornstar username while mods post porn threads.............