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He just dont know how the groups,playoffs works.
Please tell me that you are retarded. Winer of Group A vs Loser of Group B so guessing Astralis will win group A and Nip will take second place then Nip will play Astralis. Lets hope Nip players...
ESL qualifier desk analysts
HE HE HE HE HE You can be another Jim Carrey with your jokes.. or not.
ESL qualifier desk analysts
Its not like low budget. If you could use brain then you would know that anders,semmler,james,ddk,Rlewis,Thorin,moses are in USA at E-league. How they can they be in 2 places at the same time ? ...
Baguette police
HAHAHAHA Its soo funny that the bald guy get into the water so he is already wet and trying to get back to boat for no reason or wait maybe he didnt want to feel wet alone.
Juliano Overrated
Hahaha she look like horse xDDD
ence haters
Mikko 'xartE' Välimaa 3-16
I r8 8/8 m8
Cheating pros- fucking joke
Lol ? What is better have 1 terrorist attack in year or being under control of gangs whole time ?
Cheating pros- fucking joke
Hahah they said "KQLY is clear because you cant cheat on LAN" xDDDDDD
Cheating pros- fucking joke
But you favelas arent too poor to have toilets? I was sure you go to bushes and shit there.
Luminosity vs Cloud9
No you favela dont know what is early in morning. Use google and do research. Or maybe you dont evolve the skills to use google so i will tell you. Early morning is at 6 am till 8 am. http:/...
Luminosity vs Cloud9
Are you retarded ? Watching early morning matches =/= watching in middle of night. I have no problem waking up 2 hours earlier to watch mateches. But i do have problem staying 4 hours more aw...
Luminosity vs Cloud9
Eleague important with trash NA teams xDDD -Optic, -tsm, -renegades, -nrg, -complexity, -echo fox 6 slots wasted by trash team that will be stomp'd. But "Hey! its league in America,we ne...
Luminosity vs Cloud9
They will realize after this match :) I guess viewer number will be like 50% less.