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I actually think tricked have a pretty good chance at winning the v4 tournament, atleast if they bring out the form they had against Mousesports then they will probably stomp mibr and tricked seem to ...
TOP-10 Players in your country?
Rez is definitely not number 2 hes been playing pretty poorly the past 3 months or so rn I'd put him around 6/7 and Lekr0 has been looking pretty decent lately so I'd put him above Plopski atleast.
TOP-10 Players in your country?
Lol I was actually just trying to search up players that were definetly decent Australian players , but the only remaining good players on Australian teams were kiwis like sico, sterling and gratisfac...
G2 Nexa/Hunter confirmed
Yeah at the start of the year I would have said that he was the 2nd best player in the world but hes not even top 20 with how poorly he's playing.
Is koosta the worst pro player?
Neither koosta or mixwell are bad players, the only bad player on cloud 9 is daps.
mousesports vs CR4ZY
Cr4zy are still Mousesports nightmare,
Rabbit proof fence is such a moving movie, every primary school student watches it in year 5/6.
On the outside Australia looks pretty clean but we've got just as much bad shit as everyone else, probably the worst thing was the stolen generation, thousands of aboriginal children who were deemed a...
Because device has achieved a lot more than guardian.
Okay man calm down we don't need you writing the lyrics to panzerkampf.
We'll probably see grayhound make it to the next major even without erkaSt just cause of how bad Asian teams are.
Dickstacy and Malta are way worse than liazz.
If Astralis don't win major
I just don't want a cis team other than navi to win a major, cuz then that team will just be stripped by navi, like even if avangar win the major this core probably won't be together for long after.
Renegades vs AVANGAR
I love Renegades but before the major they were definitely not a top 10 team before the major.
I must admit...
Lol nt, Oceania is clearly the best region, MAJOR WINNERS HE WE COME YTFB.