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NRG is not NA
That's a good one.
NRG is not NA
Theyre all honorary Australians.
NRG is not NA
Renegades is fully Australian atleast.
NRG is not NA
He wasn't arguing that non secular countries are Chaotic he was arguing that just because the majority of his population is Muslim it doesn't mean that they have say in government.
Fighting 4 Freedom vs ORDER
Trust me don't bet for f4f they are hot garbage order will destroy them.
It's the same actually but I understand and agree with your point.
Top 10 players from your country?
I'd say that most of these players are better than rickeh.
Iran tries to seize UK oil tanker
Damn you're right I am so mad I'm taking my anger out on your Mr Turk who did nothing wrong I just can't help it so many things going on in Australia.
NA most fit cs scene?
Why not plenty of scenes are represented by mostly two players like Norway whos only decent players rn are rain and jkaem and UK with ALEX and Smooya and Spain with mixwell and lowel.
Iran tries to seize UK oil tanker
Lol cocky turk thinks Iran is the only one with nukes, Britain has hundreds more than them and that's ignoring their allies.
That's why Australia is nice, cuz it's mostly just us and kiwis though I've had a couple matches with what seemed like Indonesians who couldn't even speak English so that was a shit game.
Best player in your country
Nvm your right spunj best player destroys every other Australian with his secret move, cheering with Australian flag.
Best player in your country
Ez jks
dreamteam per country
BTW erkaSt isn't Australian so - him in the only AUS players lineup, though I do agree he is Probs one of the best players in Australia right now.
Sprout vs CR4ZY
Id love to see them grab smooya or poizon they are the two most likely candidates right now I reckon.