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leaving germany in the future
it depends how far you are willing to move, what you want to work as and how high the living standart/ cost of living of the country you move to is supposed to be. like you can move to monaco or some ...
R.I.P Germany
yes that was dumb from me. it's just that the term gender equality nowadays gets used to justify quotas etc. and hence i have a different definition of the term. male/ female only clubs were there whe...
R.I.P Germany
vereine are a big part of german culture and they don't have the incentive to make money, hence they get tax reliefs. "gender equality is a part of the main laws in Grundgesetz" that's just made up, q...
R.I.P Germany
i don't really know if it will have a noticeable negative affect on those clubs. but what the fuck is wrong with you? insulting people in men/ women only clubs as scum or nazis make you look like you ...
R.I.P Germany
i guess they will just accept 1-2 alibi-women (wifes/ daughters) and be good to go. easy to avoid. it's just dumb, women and men are different, hence there are activities/ clubs with only men/ women. ...
just found out my gf takes anti depressants
you dont seem to care much about her. you should leave her, it's better for her longtime not having you as bf
Climate change ?
humans influence on the climate is neglectable, many policies to combat it are absurd, even if you assume CO2 is responsible for heating the earth. sad to see all those brainwashed teens who think the...
US dollar has lost 97% of its value since 1900.
thats why we need to abolish states monopoly on money, meaning central banks. the devaluation of fiat-money can just happen if it isn't backed by anything, like it was by gold. politicians have no in...
playing poker for living?
it has become harder, since the poker-boom ended so there aren't so many new, bad players. the competition became harder, but you can try, just do it in stages/ with your bankroll in mind
Heroic vs Sprout
yes, miscomunication maybe. long guy wanted to play save, which i like. but with a teammate there he should probably better have stayed to be able to refrag
Heroic vs Sprout
agree, worst position to be in if no ones there to refrag. 2 rounds later faven was in the same position. either don't go there at all or try to push with timing
Define "capitalism". I don't know one country in the world which is 100% capitalistic. Capitalism is in reality the driving force of wealth and (e.g. medical) progress. It uses the human nature for i...
MIBR vs Tricked
wow, hunden created a top 20 team with danish t4 players, he's becoming a legend #hundengod
Climate Change
rising sea level happens at such a slow pace that you shouldn't worry about it. people have enough time to adapt, like building a dam or raise it 50cm and it should do it for like another 50 years. a...
Climate Change
"For people who don't believe in it (and I know you are there), what evidence do you have for it not existing?" it has to be the other way around, you guys are claiming something you need to prove. "...