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To adopt a Rabbit
it's normal for rabbits to be very anxious in a new environment, it should get better after some days. you should still get a 2nd one though
To adopt a Rabbit
you should get 2, 10m² is enough for 2 and they live in groups, cleaning each other etc. just make sure you castrate/ neuter them before adulthood (or get 2 females, but they might regulary fight each...
Why I am center-left
there is more than critisizing buzzwords and such from their political enemy. for example in an ethical way, by using human rights and natural law as basis. the left, "progressive" side wants more s...
[23+] IRL Tinder Stories
tinder and other dating apps can get very frustrating. though it seems like you can kind of master it, even as average looking guy. i know someone who meets different girls weekly, mostly just for sex
smth in between, but if i have to decide its orange
RIP Elisa Lam
"there are other odd coincidences that she may have been killed for reasons to cover things up, like she knew something." i got the expression that she was just an ordinary girl, that's why i didn't ...
RIP Elisa Lam
yea very interesting and scary case, i did "research" on it a while ago. they also made a movie based on the story. also the hotels history makes it more dubious (i like mysterious murder cases and su...
BIG s1mple & w0xic???
woxic might join, but simple never. why would he choose to join a worse team, while also having to speak in english
hltv forums racist
i agree, have account from 2015 with 144 comments but doesn't let me create topics .. on topic: ppl just want to provoke/ have fun. elsewhere they can't do it, they aren't real racists
HLTV alt-right
" threads [...] turning very hurtful are allowed to stay up" ... i dont get why someone could take those uninspired racial slurs (monkey, yellow-teeth, hitler etc.) serious on this site. most of those...
Real Pick'Em dont @
3:0 astralis 0:3 col Advance: liquid mibr FaZe HR NRG navi big
Democracy in regards to climate change
I don't believe that a man-made climate-change is a problem, and trading freedom for security is always wrong. What are you exactly scared of?
I will be a Cop soon
they lowered the requirements quite a bit, nowadays you don't even have to speak proper german anymore (inb4 migrant quota for police)
i doubt jesus had communist features, what do you mean exactly? he was anti-authorian (romes reign/ pharisee), against the use of force and the ten commitments forbids communism and other authorian fo...
I would never insult any jew
*started just 1 world war *there are not many big right-wing marches *germany and the eu is becoming more like the sovietunion than the third reich. there is not much difference though *i agree with t...