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What about gulf of tonkin lol? My government made shit up and admitted it 50 years later lol?
the virus?
Almost every city shut down testing sites. I can't find it possible they could test and confirm that many cases......
A lot of what you said is on point man. Especially about how people spend their money. I know shit tons of people making bank yet complain they are broke, but they drop 700 a night buying drinks and b...
USA situation
I'm good brother thanks. People aren't burning down housing. If you have any more questions feel free to ask I can try to answer to the best of my knowledge. I see a lot of people on here spewing bull...
USA situation
Same thing happens in the US too bro it's sad.
USA situation
If your interested here's a link explaining what I'm talking about.
USA situation
The people want all 4 cops involved to be charged. 3 were fired, one was charged. A man died over using a fake 20 dollar bill. You can see the videos for yourself just look em up. As someone who lived...
USA situation
People are protesting over police killing a man in Minneapolis.Shit's crazy in Chicago rn lol. Riots everywhere michigan ave, river north, milwauke ave , south side, west side, tinley park, aurora. Tr...
Police Brutality US 18+
That's what it has become. True libertarians like Ron Paul are 1 out of 1000 here.
Police Brutality US 18+
They only riot in liberal cities lol. Half the peeps are anti-gun.
America civil war 2.0 : bogaloo
Minneapolis I doubt will get any worse than it was. I live in Chicago and supposedly there is going to be some protest tomorrow, I can let you know how it unfolds lol.
America civil war 2.0 : bogaloo
It would be a slaughter bro. Good ole country boys been shooting guns since they were in diapers bro.
America civil war 2.0 : bogaloo
I'm still not understanding the point you're attempting to make here? America is going to have a civil war due to antifa taking part in Minny riots lol? Is that your point?
America civil war 2.0 : bogaloo
Change my mind about what? You made a claim, then you provided a clip on twitter as proof? When i simply ask for some proof or evidence you say I can't change your mind? Surely if you provide some pro...
America civil war 2.0 : bogaloo
Alls I'm seeing is a twitter clip of people making claims without evidence, proof, or facts.