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acne prone skin
Avoid really hot water when showering. You ever try a hypoallergenic soap or shampoo? Maybe an ingredient in one of them is making it worse.
I wish more people in my country had the same mindset as you. Americans have been getting manipulated into giving up are rights. Most people don't realize it, or refuse to believe the government would...
They're going to be irrelevant as long as they have chris.
NHL fans
Colorado Avalanche. Avs Gang.
Why pros get washed up
I think f0rest is just a freak man lol. I would bet gtr puts in more hours than him.
American healthcare
Yeah I'm done with this guy. He just rants about nothing while providing no serious solutions or ideas. Hell he'd fit right in are government.
American healthcare
American healthcare
You have 0 argument or idea how to fix it. Your only suggestion is taxing the rich and cutting military spending. In the U.S making 75k I'm getting taxed around 26 percent. In france it would be 41 pe...
American healthcare
But yet you're telling me you're giving me FREE healthcare by raising taxes lol?
American healthcare
So if my taxes get raised it's not free healthcare right? Taxing the rich more never works here. They're masters at avoiding taxes and abusing loopholes in the U.S
American healthcare
I'm curious what you consider free healthcare? Is raising taxes and providing healthcare through the government free healthcare to you? How much would you like to raise taxes to provide these services...
American healthcare
I don't understand why it's hard for you to admit obamacare was an utter failure. They let insurance companies take full control of the healthcare industry. In individual states there's only 1 maybe 2...
American healthcare
Obama care monopolized the insurance industry buddy. It forced you to have it while raising prices, deductibles, and co-pays. Doctors don't compete anymore. They can't tell me how much an x-ray will c...
Companies you hate?
AT&T and Monsanto top my list.
Jussie Smollett
This happened in Chicago man. Couple states away. Even more left leaning here.