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V$M lmaoooooooo
who cares. let him be,
Mental Health
that's kinda his job isn't it? if he cures everyones depression, he has no clients. thonking?
singapoore major dota2!
It's not really in valves, hand, is it? Like Katowice major could easily be continued last year, but government said "NO"
isreal wtf???
ye, cant even watch football without crowd. feels like tennis for me.
isreal wtf???
not gonna happen. its already in 2 months. mostly it will be only the capacity 50%
Stress and Burnout
+1 to much distraction for the kids nowadays. when i was in highschool there was literally 2 options after school day. do homework and go outside all day or don't do homework go outside all day and g...
Problem with schools
schoolz are coolz
Problem with schools
it's not even that. u just need to see that the guy is interested in teaching u and not just there for extra holidays and easy money.
Problem with schools
It's about teachers, my biology teacher was basically like David Attenborough, super hyped for what he was teaching and he lived for it. So even though I would never think of liking that subject I kin...
wat happened world?
social media, slowly turning us into AI cyborgs. watch netflix social media dilemma. ur programmed with every movie, every algorithm unreal.
corona regulations!
This has nothing to do with being reasonable. This is beyond stupidity. You will suffer more in the future financial wise than from this virus. Ur Germanic ancestors probably turn upside down in their...