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How do you know there is an afterwards? (C) cripple in wheelchair.
hardest sport
tried both water polo and football and water polo almost rekt my lungs and my arms.
danish billionaire
Let's be honest, anyone who didn't have friends, family, people dying there will not give a shit longer than maybe 5 to 7 days or as long as the media reports this accident. You can't deny it, its lit...
Taxation is theft.
haha bruh u swedes suck a big big giants dick towards this lobby's
danish billionaire
lets be totally honest here, we care as long as they media are reporting it and in 1 week it will be forgotten again until the media write about it again in 1 year for anniversary. this is how they ke...
jorah = azor ahai!
stop spoiler faggot. glad im got freak and watch asap.
mayb not exactly but sometimes its scary how often u meet the same person that u kinda have feeliongs for but never the balls to tellthem :D
Taxation is theft.
the problem is this i not what tax money goes at. half of it goes to military and the rest will go back to banks for the loans they took to build roads , schools :D its even a UN/NATO agreement that t...
change ur life instead of hltv go to gym instead of gaming go for a run it takes discipline but if u want to rid depression for ever u need to start doing thing.
therapy session!
i used to be happy until i was 16 broke my leg pretty bad had to stop with football playing and my friend gave me this game called call of duty2 and then my internet addiction started. and now my soul...
what age corrupted?
it depends on your family, if you're born into a big loving family where there is not much fights and arguments and good vibes, mostly you start getting corrupted once you go to school and the brainwa...
Islam peacful
how u know that? what the media mostly shows is not even the full truth i once read an article headline was camera team attacked in refugee caamp, and read the full article he was just attacked by dog...
fucked up humanity!
leaders are ellected cuz the good leaders always die before elections D: and by now we should know that votes dont win elections but more by the ppl counting that shit.
Islam peacful
stop feeding of propaganda jesus. ppl are evil in general dont matter what religion or heritage.
fucked up humanity!
well its not their fault that their corrupted leaders sold their land to the saudis