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Air Pods Pro!
ye cuz 280 is alot of money for a tampon ^^
R8 your parents
until i moved out from home it was like 5/10 now, since I live alone 100/10. we don't appreciate what our parents sacrifice for our well being. they literally put their own life on hold to make our's ...
no info left when u fast read something, write down and mark good parts that help u in a book and do it slowly 1 book a week is doable this way with audiobooks pretty easy nowadays.
no likes - IG
really good idea, would shift the focus again on the pictures and videos and not how many likes u have.
[18+] Heard parents doing it?
even saw it, was disgusting.
classical music!
u dont need to explore a symphony u just need to close ur eyes and feel it.
(+18) ass expert
don't act like u dont like it.
(+18) ass expert
i got you guys, best ass in my village
No Nut November strawpoll
i fapped on november 1st without knoiwing its already november 1 but since nov 2nd im clean bro,
cheering up the GIRL
how u know shes not happy? mayb shes just having a moment of appreciation or something lookín into the sun.
+18 r8 fight
and shes dressed as what? skanky hoe?
+18 r8 fight
im more concerned about this grill, i mean do they really dress like that when going out?
why wanna survive?
not saying anything about overpopulation im just saying if we always strive for survvial we will find ways to increase our life by 100-200 years one day with cell regeneration and dna regulation and o...
why wanna survive?
will never cure it tho, cuz it can't be cured by that. it could be cured by lifestyle changes, less stress, better diet, more activicty. like humans now commit to 90% less activity than like 100-200 y...
18 inches is enough!
kinda true without head or heart u would not have a life.