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gf's & dogs = equal
people that cant be alone are stooopid, being alone is like the most awesome thing there is. u kick ur feet up on the table without anyone moaning. u wake up whenever the fuck u want, u go scream all ...
Emi question
well hunter left the team so :d
dota2 > csgo?
csgo would need some new maps, its so boring to see the same maps,moves and tactics over and over.
our creation to debunk that fkin religious shit and stop religious wars that are basically for nothing.
Most suicidal Cs pro?
that's a different story 2 of his best friends passed away the years before and he took many drugs. if csgo players were to do many drugs it would be the same.
Norway WTF?
big dick doesn't care about royalty probably he fuck her reaaaal guud.
Most suicidal Cs pro?
i dont think many ppl that made their hobby their job is suicidal. ppl get suicidal cuz they work shitty jobs and run away from their passion instead. mayb burnout but not suicidal.
7 days nofap. So EZ
just with any addiction after 3rd day u get used to it if ur not weakminded person.
I Support Trump
thats good but why is he involved in every fkin conflict around the world? if his mission is only to make america great again?
gym question
why PPL when hes a beginner? just do a full body workout 3x a week the first months to get used to form and other stuff everythin and then once u know everything start PPL .
wasting life!
everyone is different. one person wants to die with 30 having experiences all the drugs in the world, enjoyed to the maximum range. the other person wants to stay in his comfort zone all his life do...
Hong Kong
cuz the media doesn't report it world wide. we are like robots , we are fed somethjjing and we instantly believe it or let it trigger our emotions. its actually sad what we'Ve become thanks to the fki...
Yo ever wish you had a hot sister?
i have a sister 2 year younger than me. she always had her hot girls over, it was good fun and times.
How to accept the fact that i’m ugly?
nana melatonin is a hormone sunlight affects it and also increases serotonin.
how 2 talk 2 the opposite gender
thats part of the game. remember u first days on cs, its the same 10.000 hours and ur gonna be good. when u find u have things in common, talk about that. girls love to talk. so just listen.