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Life is pointless
i had the same perspective until 2 years ago when my first son was born. everything can give meaning to ur life in just 9 months. all u need to do is go for things.
apocalypse is nigh!
u are here to experience life nothing more. if u make to much out of this existence u already failed anyway
Climate change - 35°C
it's part of the evolution. we heat up we freeze, we go agane in 3000 years
cbd is the part of cannabis that doesn'T make u hight but gives u relax feeling.
Turkey dark horses
so with 3 points, clearly the have no chance to be part of the 4th best 3rd places.
Turkey dark horses
but not all 3rd finishers go through right? only like the best ones.
covid is man madee!!!
lol economy is just something they invented to fuck us. they could easily save flight companies with billions of donation pulled out of their ass but they cant do with humans ^^
water melon times!
feta is hardly a cheese men, its a refreshment for summer.
do u experience life?
as long u experience it, its already enough.
climate change conference!
I'm sure everything is important, after all you voted for these people and in the end democracy is still for the people latest i've chcked so you should be able or most likey allowed to know what and ...
climate change conference!
why not do it online? like seriously u would reach so many more people and people would mayb trust ur actions again, if u just make it public, all ur conferences but guess there are some evil plans af...
im hyped for skateboarding. first time in the olympics.