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A Plastic Ocean
now when its almost to late ppl realize damn we fucked up, its always the same :D
climate change?
since time is not a real thing and the universe is timeless our new winter is basically now December, January, February and little bit of March instead of winter starting end of October like in the ol...
Subway in Western Europe vs Subway in Poland
haha i thought russians are fighters wtf are this pussy punches?
Subway in Western Europe vs Subway in Poland
in barcelona they at least talk to eachothjer in the subway and not sit there like some deprogrammed human beings.
girls are filthy!
how i know its test or serious.
no really i doubt it, more likely what u saw and what u experienced. my grandpa is 92 years and i never hear him talk about his success and hes very successful he talks stories with friends, places he...
but for what one day u die just like the ppl without passing the exams.
multitasking good?
right in the feels but train ur brain pls
J-O-B-S ??
for me personally a job should be less hours and more payment cuz a person working 5 hours straight full hardcore 100% with good paycheck will get way more done than a guy working 8 hours daily with s...
Goals in your life
good luck i hope u have enough ppl to riot with cuz we did the same in barcelona but no one gave shit we got hit with police clubs, teargas etc etc and yet we still didnt manage to become independent ...
r.i.p youtube?
from what I understood its about censorship and copyright. so mostly all pp uploadingl conspiracy things will be removed, while all make up tutorials will stay so its basically a big hit against our f...
r.i.p youtube?
if u dont know what article 13 is its basically also the EU trying to ban meme's from the internet.
can confirm
retirement age?
this is stupid video i know but it just shows you how much time we waste on working and thats why we should find a work that we love and enjoy.
UN nationpact?
hitler was right when he said they wanted to destroy the western world.