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vax then
what happened?
we fucked up, everybody fucked up, we all puppets to a universal matrix. peace out and enjoy while it lasts
xxx haters
ur mentally retarded officialy by science. welcome to hltv its exactly where u belong :p
politicians fake asf!
yet ppl dont wanna see it and keep believing in fairytales.
RELIGION in 2018
i think we should care about ourself more than others then this world would probably be in a better place. no everyone cares what the others do and what they say and if they dont wanna hear that they ...
FIFA will kill football
when something gets big they will use it to drain the last bit of money out of it. sadly i remember seein players from 1st league drinking and smoking cigarets in halftime haha
is it possible for your ppl to just watch the game and comment only in halftime? like whats the point writing every goal every action on hltv? are u so eager for some acceptance attention or cant you...
Spain stupid?
i said it before and i say it again we will go out in grpstage this world cup.
did u notice?
its 2018 its hard to find this kind of love. 90% of the world dont even take relationship serious and care mostly only about themselves and their career. if u find this kind of love call me.
did u notice?
man i can see it from own experience all the girls that were ugly in my univrsity/school went to the gym eat clean while the hottest chicks kept being super hot just from eating junkfood and bad food....
did u notice?
+1 most bodybuilders were just super ugly as kids
not gonna happen cuz they achieved exactly what they wanted after 2 world wars already. a central bank system to enslave humanity.
World Cup Russia 2018 Prediction
spain will suck probably go out in grps getting rekt by iran.
PROOF noone wants to go to brazil
they are pussies and scared of death threats from 12 year old fags. brazil is awesome country with nice places and nice beaches to visit.
why taxes?
not hard i already do. i live in a small village on mountain where ppl still do everything on their own. if i want tomatoes i go there buy them if i want milk i go there get it if i want fresh meat i ...