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Generation X
all u can do is live ur life. im 35 now and im questioning everything happening outside but its just pointless and avoidable stress and worry.
Lost 5kg in a week
thats not good, all u do is fuck ur metabolism if u lose so much so fast. ur not supposed to lose more than 1kg or 0.5kg a week for healthy weight loss.
how old are you!
2 kids 1 wife. yes.
how old are you!
35 menz.
how old are you!
Bro, I'm so old I watched cs and quake lans where players used fkd up CRT monitors had to put their keyboard on their lap cuz they didn't have space for keyboard and mouse on the same table. I came f...
clutch of the year
how can one deny that? if naf went second oranges this round is over. play ct on contact. like this was either scripted or the biggest throw ever ^^
scripted for entertainment?
I dunno, just go 2nd oranges you have a perfect crossfire while one holds ct. I dunno how misplayed or scripted this shit was.
any night workers?
without taxes my salary is 3k but it differs. on good months where i get all holidays and mayb 2 -3 sundays it can go 3.5k
any night workers?
its the best. no boss or owners there at night, no annoying co workers, i can watch twitch, i can watch tv. all i have to take care that no stupid person drives into the companies garage and that ever...
gucci is smart brand. brainwashing rappers to promote their shitty clothing so all the broke ass kids buy it and now go into the gamers area. their marketing team should be paid quadrupple.
physique update
mikeybieber returned with new name, i knew it.