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wtf is that they cheating so hard it is obviously if you didnt see that = u're fucking retard without brain
Games Academy vs ex-eLevate
and sure if they win cobble they never win de_train i pretty sure sorry for bagguete
Games Academy vs ex-eLevate
i bet on this match because i see their games before and they play well for this moment. ptr and his online trash team also beat clg in bo3 and others. Now they play like matchmaking nova 3 level, id...
Games Academy vs ex-eLevate
fucking NA trash cs why i bet there holy jesus.
Natus Vincere vs Vexed
yes but actually they have no chance in bo3 sure they still a good chance to show their best in that game but this low odds not gonna be pass vs hr that was just a fail from team hr nothing special ...
Portugal vs Norway
both teams seems very good but norway is a little bit stonger country than portugal so its was just a lucky maps pool for portugal and they not realize this chance to win, gg. ez money btw $$_$$
Titan vs G2
ez for tba
FlipSid3 vs CPH Wolves
zeves delete cs okay?
Poland vs Denmark
denmark u save my fucking day when u comeback from this shitty 10-5 well played
Denmark vs Kazakhstan
jugi worst player never invite him on denmark lineup pls
Dignitas vs k1ck
sure they still can lose but i remember K1ck (when they was #Rock) win G2 with something like 16-9 on cobble, so they have a chances to take this map and win this game.
Dignitas vs k1ck
i just bet for fun vs dig 4$ if they win it i can get 50$ already k1ck has 1-0 advantage cuz they win 1st map (dignitas pick) , i so fucking happy right now
Kinguin vs
When i E-Frag 3 inc.
Vietnam vs Kyrgyzstan
probably the worst tournament in this year that's outrageos really how ppl can play on 300ping , if i know before that guys should be play on this shitty ping i never bet on that, also i think that ...