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North disgusting
They don't have a criminal record. What you are saying is factually wrong and, thus, a lie.
Rise Nation vs Rogue
elige isn't playing mate
Oh yes, so comes the rich man from Serbia, such a first world country! How do you like being bombed by NATO? Fuck the hell off and stop pretending you are worth something just because you live in Euro...
fuck you sk
Fuck you too. Only you will be fucked way more times considering SK will keep winning. It's nice to see it made you so angry, hope you get even more nervous and this SK win wrecks your day, week, mont...
Is your country so undeveloped you can't manage to watch it on youtube? How hard can it be? Grow a fucking pair.
Fer playing EU FPL !!!
"brazil language"... you're such a fucking barbarian. It's called portuguese. Besides, polish players speak polish when they need to talk to each other because they will comunicate better. When neede...
Astralis vs SK
Are you retarded? "Get rekt" as if we didn't reach the SEMIFINALS right? Fuck off fake flagger. Besides, we have won 5 world cups, we do not owe anything to pieces of shit just like you.
SK vs OpTic
choker666 = retarded crybaby.
How can u like SK?
How can you be so retarded? Now that's a real question. It doesn't matter if you like them or not, they don't need you because they have a whole nation rooting for them. Fuck you or what you believe.
Why wouldn't they be? They should be happy, smiling and laughing.
You're so retarded you shouldn't even be allowed to use the internet. They were in BR to play WESG, so they forfeited and lost the match, period. Can't understand that? Fuck the hell off, idiot.
OpTic vs Luminosity
LG isn't an "online af team", they have not too long ago made a roster change and re-added their coach. They need to practice and progress steadily as a team. They are the precise opposite of most am...
OpTic vs Luminosity
"Tier 5" HAHAHAHA You clearly do not watch CS. Was this your first game? Luminosity is a solid team, while OpTic is just a bunch of washed up pros mixed with supposed "talents" who can barely aim wel...
SK Ricardozin
He isn't awful. He just isn't an ESL pro league level player. He has been a pro, and just because you're ignorant and retarded, it doesn't mean dead can't play well or that boltz is playing.
Boltz on dead acc
WITH BOLTZ are you blind? Holy shit