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Dignitas vs
Ez for
Swole Patrol vs Sharks
Imagine losing to an unexisting argentinian CS, it would be so dumb. But, well, since argentina sucks in cs (and pretty much everything else also), it's not a problem.
compLexity vs FURIA
You don't even know the plural of "monkey" which is "monkeys" and you want to speak about geography and life in other countries you have never been to, you ignorant fuck?
Brazil cry thread
I can't see South Africa at any of WC's groups. Could you help me find it?
YeaH! vs Isurus
ez for YeaH!
HellRaisers vs SK
Desperate? Are you retarded?
Virtue vs Isurus
Easy game.
DETONA logo is a copy????
You mean Top dog gaming is a copy of DETONA's logo?
Dude you don't know what above means! If the germans are ABOVE you, they are ON TOP of you (they are better). If you want to discredit them, please, say that the germans are BELOW you...
Sharks vs LiNE5
5 BR > 2 BR.
Furious vs TEAMMATE
A young brazilian talent who just raped those nonamers from uruguai.
C4 vs Andes
Certainly not mexican teams, as such a thing doesn't exist hehehe
FURIA vs Virtue
Why didn't HLTV still not ban this racist guy? He doesn't belong in HLTV.
FURIA vs Isurus
Jealous boy detected Xd The BR scene isn't a joke and it's only a matter of time until it resurges as strong as ever, whether you like it or not.
Top5 SA
rekting SK? LOL you're retarded, they've never even played each other. Just another delusional argentinian. Besides, rip arg cs? How can it die if it never existed to begin with?