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Turkish ppl
so that is why they MUST be low key ya dumb that is the point if you are treated like 3rd class human in Germany, France or whatever just to earn a bit money by working hard, you shouldnt act like yo...
Turkish ppl
(+18) Turkey
reported for using n word
(+18) Turkey
ok i'll inform you tho, porn sites are not accesible without vpn, they connect german servers with vpn that is why access rate to porn sites from germany is high xd new generation is way less conserv...
(+18) Turkey
is your source hltv? lel
4:3 stretched
it is all preference just go for the most comfortable one for you. if i didnt have low fps i'd be playing on 1920x1080. easier to headshot and makes me more precise.
zombie apocalypse
hoide in my bunker which has food, electricity and water supply that can last 100 years
BIG w0xic
this team would never work teams need players who do dirty work and stay in shadow rather than good players who are under spotlight. so in short, they should've added w0xic, a good support player and ...
turkish cs
Turkey is under invasion by Syrians tho
you are not good at baiting, stick with producing cars you are good at that
you dont need kurdisaldkaldjla aka a non exist country i mean you are German at all, just let all Kurds into your country it'll be better... please take the ones in Turkey as well
mouse bungee
just an advice (shit resolution at night) https://imgur.com/a/tLCQH5X and yes even this affects, mouse cable's weight is like 100 kilogram so it lightens and makes the movement a bit easier
turkish cs
you really are a wally, get a life punk
turkish cs
+1 this
Roman Empire vs Ottoman Empire
I don't think comparing two empires of different times is accurate and correct. The situation of other countries, technological development, even the population of rival countries differ. So comparing...