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I hate Rap
go listen to aleyna tilki you fuck. rap is no for you
imagine trying to bait hltv users who have more than 150 iq... hltv users are unbaitable go try to bait reddot users nub
Turkey two faced
if you are saying armenians were killed for no reason that is what being one sided is. Armenians have been called "the loyal nation" they were even more valuable than Arabs or Kurds in Ottoman times....
4:3 question
+1 even most of the pro players who play on a stretched res dont change that setting. it is all about getting used to it
Turkey two faced
Do you know what is more twofaced? Always saying "Turkey is our ally, we are in NATO...bla bla..." and then violating Turkey's territorial integrity by funding terrorist organizations who attack Turke...
Best resolution for CS?
640x480 old school style
Favorite battle (WW1/WW2)
Favorite battle (WW1/WW2)
Battle of Gallipoli in 1915
+1 to that
as you agree, it doesnt matter who used to own it, it only matters who owns it now. but also killing children to occupy can not be justified obviously
I’m not prokda wtf
sup "democracy" bringer
best mousepad?
I think even my xl qck+ is too big, mousepads are unnecessary oversized and medium ones are the best ones imo
The most toxic nationality you encountered
Turks obviously. They are the reason i am not playing esea eventho i like playing it. (Esea has Istanbul servers which get you play in those servers with them)
do not cause civil wars by intervening other countries' domestics just for oil so everyone can live peacefully
flair chex out no 7 times title winner in a year makes me think like that blind fanboi who da fck cares about stats when you won 7 titles