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xxxtentacion promo?
if i give police officer 200.000$ he will also send letter to my mom im dead.
Political Poll (official)
im human
Political Poll (official)
neither of these cuz they are nonsense. a smart rich person was able to create this terms to divide humanity some more so they fight eachother instead of the corruption of the world.
its all about money immortals is probably the biggest org in the world with noah winston being a genius marketing strategist.
drake did it! drake is gay like 90% of this rapper faggs
trump tweet
trump is godseNt to save humanity. you think you would still be alive if hillary would have made it? she would have nuked iran after 1 week in whitehouse.
German politicians
politicians are a distraction and comedy club, do u really believe they have the power to do something? lets be honest this ppl just puppets handled around by the masters behind the curtains. go to ur...
size dont matter!
u know what they say? ppl that say they have a big dick most likely dont have a big dick and are just insecure little fuckers.
[WC] Russia vs Saudi Arabia
just enjoy the match without hltv mayb u fkin retard? i know already how hltv will be everytime someone fails or someone scores they will make a thread cuz they are so insecure and cant live anymore w...
why he dont care about inhabitants? he gives them things they need. its not like they need more. this is also why russia will become super power taking over the world soon cuz in america its all about...
hes probably cheap as fuck compared to the new stars.
Top 3 albums?
infest was cool i remember i had to hide and listen to papa roach and limpbizkit chocolate starfish album cuz my mom didnt want me to listen this music when i was 7 years old.
BIG vs Não Tem Como
if u dont let NTC win we will kill you (c) random brazilians on twitter
they all work together to mash ur powerful brain cuz if u find out real power of your brain and mind u would not be different to god
anti racism is stupid
a criminal is a criminal no matter what. start calling em like that the fact we dont shows already we are more racist than ever.