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bntet german?
the world is multi cultural so who gives a shit.
wat about steen de kanker talent, he seems pretty angry and hard.
rigged major?
america has alot of viewers brazil has a lot of viewers so they want equal game ofc this shit is rigged since e-sport became billion dollar business.
depends what ur planning. i know ppl that stayed in a hotel and used just 400€ for a weekend and then i know ppl that stay in a cheap hostel and spent 2000€ for a weekend. but i think with 50+€ daily ...
Believe in god!
well thats not true believe in my opinion thats just fear :D if god is outthere hes powerful and he will surely notice if u believe in him for the wrong reason dont u think?
Believe in god!
so ur saying u want to believe god just so u dont go to heaven and then u say u really really have to believe in god. lke wtf are u smoking gimme some of that shit.
Believe in god!
humans make up their beliefs in early years and they can hardly change it so if i go has this belief u will not change it on him just let them believe when they die everything will go black and just l...
I fuuucking hate night
used to shit myself at night but now i just enjoy the lights the silence and the peace, totally awesome to just take a walk around the block at dark.
Feeling sad
dafuq u study 8 hours? i study 5 hours before test and still pass it some how :O
G2's Passion is gone
money steals passion if u earn to much u will not work for it anymore. i experiences this on my own from workin 10 years in service.
phone for kids?
i got my first nokia 3310 when i started middle school , to call home if there was problem and to play snake in the bus. but i think smartphone fuck with a child's mind way to strong. so mayb 14-15?
Best F O O T B A L L E R in ur country
alaba but i think arnautovic can take this spot also lately.
hes not even choking, its just nuke T side. ppl ended half with 0 frags before and had 30 just from CT. u ppl are always so quick to judge.
u guys are dumb!
geeeeh hoit amoi di goschn Oida
new gucci sneakers!
ppl think it will put them higher on the society ladder but it will only make them look like fools.