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capitalists explain?
ye, but have u been to the US? like just look these ghettos its like they made it just to hoard them in . to give them 0 welfare 0 healthcare. its a fkin joke. how is anyone of this ppl ever going to ...
capitalists explain?
na its not that its just our system doesn't support blacks like they support whites. and lets be honest with illegal stuff u make more money anyway.
New Rap!
the 5-10 seconds before skipping vibe i got there.
8 eggs a day? (gym)
that doesn't really matter if ur active and do alot of cardio. the generation before us lived off potatoes with shit loads of butter and bacon and cholesterol wasn't a problem then.
New Rap!
at least this music gives some vibes and u can feel the realness. if u watch ppl with face tattoos and other shit ur like fake ass wiggah trying to get attention with shitty lyrics but bomb ass beats.
U.S Marine Corps
ye, we just overfeeding cuz some lobbys tell us too. if u stay active and do hard exercise daily u dont need much food to grow muscles, its just marketing.
I Support Trump
i think trump is lesser evil as clinton. hes a business men clinton she just blows the whole world up within a minute. mayb trump the reason we're still alive.
Let's pray
Let's pray
pray to who?
Fenerbahce > Galatasaray
galata galata galatasaray, Fenerbahce Istanbul, wir scheißen auf türkei
hes just a distraction from the real leaders.
US president 2020
the person better for business will win and thats trump, the lobbys and congress will make sure of that.
Black dominant race
i feel like i was black in previous life. really mate
180cm acceptable?
social media mostly, and ppl watching this youtubers videos where random ppl ask question to girls and they are paid models and they say u gotta be atleast 195 cm to get in my pants and then insecurit...
is diversity good?
Well, its kinda the truth. isn't it? inside we're still a mix of atoms and chemicals. only the ego splits us apart and makes us believe different.