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ended relationship
why be sad u dont have a girlfriend anymore be happy u had a girlfriend in the first place.
Black Friday 2018
im not shaming anyone im just saying its humanity in general. just look this world it turned into a shopping mall.
What shoes should i buy?
u should never ask other ppl about opinions when it comes to style and fashion. everyone has different taste if u like the looks for vans go buy them dont just not buy them cuz ppl tell them they are ...
Black Friday 2018
and this is problem of humanity they buy shitty useless shit just cuz it say's sale on the label but lemme tell u what its a trap, every human could live semi-wealthy if he just learns to cope with hi...
18+ hooker help
100$ is nothing for propper escort/hooker.
i call propaganda and fake news. stop being robotss and believe everything u read and hear.
if u think logically ww3 was already in syria and middle east in general with 10 countries involved the problem is just its not the "WW3"
cool why didnt u tell me fam i was waiting for drinking soplica and zubrowka
not gonna lie it was the best and most fun game ever. all day 74u rush across the whole map in 5second, cod2 was also good tho.
Tabsen top 20
5 astralis players in top10 otherwise this top20 list is scripted probably have get right in top20 again
2019 wish
dont force urself into a girl just cuz u want a girl u need "THE" girl.
germans come here
dont always seek problem in 1 party the same would happen with non muslims they would shoot muslims this endless fight about this and that is just complete bullshit and is exactly what the elite on th...
MINUS 10 !!!
nop this year heatwaves lasted 10-15 days more than usual.
MINUS 10 !!!
lol 36-38 degree almost 2 week's in a row is avarage? spain had even 48 degree very avarage.
past and future?
how do u know that? in my family all i knew got 90 max even my grand grand grand grand mother. mayb we lived longer in the past but they hide it from us.